insulin secretagogues peptides (incretins)


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsNCTROB Result

diabetes type 2

Seino, 2009albiglutideplaceboNCT00530309Exploratory negative
Rosenstock (30 mg every two weeks), 2009albiglutide biweeklyplacebo (add on MET)NCT00518115suggesting
Rosenstock (30 mg weekly), 2009albiglutide weeklyplacebo (add on MET)NCT00518115Exploratory suggesting
HARMONY 7 (114179) ongoing albiglutideliraglutideNCT01128894 ongoing
NN2211-1333liraglutide other doses -
Pratley (1.8 vs 1.2), 2010liraglutide 1.8mgliraglutide 1.2mgnegative
LEADER, 2016liraglutideplaceboNCT01179048Exploratory suggesting
Seino, 2008liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT00154414Exploratory negative
Madsbad (vs placebo), 2004liraglutide other dosesplacebonegative
Harder, 2004liraglutide other dosesplaceboExploratory -
NN2211-1571 (Vilsbøll), 2007liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT00154401Exploratory negative
Kaku 0.6mg, 2010liraglutide other dosesplacebosuggesting
LIBRA ongoing liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT01270789 ongoing
NN2211-1800 ongoing liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT00943501 ongoing
NCT00978393 ongoing liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT00978393 ongoing
NN2211-1799 ongoing liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT00620282 ongoing
NN2211-3619 ongoing liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT01206101 ongoing
NN8022-1923 ongoing liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT00781937 ongoing
NN8022-1922 ongoing liraglutide other dosesplaceboNCT01272232 ongoing
LEAD-2 (Nauck) (1.2mg vs placebo), 2009liraglutide 1.2mgplacebo (add on MET)NCT00318461suggesting
LEAD-2 (Nauck) (1.8mg vs placebo), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgplacebo (add on MET)NCT00318461suggesting
NN2211-1796liraglutide other dosesplacebo (add on MET)NCT00614120 -
NCT01234649 ongoing liraglutide other dosesplacebo (add on MET)NCT01234649 ongoing
LEAD-1 SU (1.2 mg vs placebo), 2009liraglutide 1.2mgplacebo (add on SU)NCT00318422Low risk of bias suggesting
LEAD-1 SU (1.8 mg vs placebo), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgplacebo (add on SU)NCT00318422suggesting
NN2211-1701 ongoing liraglutide other dosesplacebo (add on SU)NCT00395746 ongoing
LEAD-5 (vs placebo), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgplacebo (add on SU+MET)NCT00331851suggesting
LEAD-4 (1.2mg), 2009liraglutide 1.2mgplacebo (add on TZD+MET)NCT00333151suggesting
LEAD-4 (1.8mg), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgplacebo (add on TZD+MET)NCT00333151suggesting
Kaku 0.9mg, 2010liraglutide other dosesplacebo (on top SU)suggesting
MK-0431-403 ongoing liraglutide other dosessitagliptin (add on MET)NCT01296412 ongoing
LEAD-6, 2009liraglutide 1.8mgexenatide on top MET/SU/MET+SUNCT00518882Risk of bias suggesting
Seino, 2010liraglutide other dosesglibenclamideNCT00393718Low risk of bias negative
LEAD-3 mono 1.2mg (Garber), 2009liraglutide 1.2mgglimepirideNCT00294723Low risk of bias negative
LEAD-3 mono 1.8mg (Garber), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgglimepirideNCT00294723Low risk of bias negative
Madsbad (vs Glimepiride), 2004liraglutide other dosesglimepirideExploratory suggesting
LEAD-2 (Nauck) (1.2 mg vs glimepiride), 2009liraglutide 1.2mgglimepiride (add on MET)NCT00318461Low risk of bias negative
LEAD-2 (Nauck) (1.8 mg vs glimepiride), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgglimepiride (add on MET)NCT00318461negative
EAGLE ongoing liraglutide other dosesinsulin glargineNCT01117350 ongoing
LEAD-5 (vs Glargine), 2009liraglutide 1.8mginsulin glargine (add on SU+MET)NCT00331851Risk of bias negative
LEAD 1 (1.8 vs 1.2), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgliraglutide 1.2mgnegative
LEAD 2 (1.8 vs 1.2), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgliraglutide 1.2mgnegative
LEAD 4 (1.8 vs 1.2), 2009liraglutide 1.8mgliraglutide 1.2mgnegative
Feinglos, 2005liraglutide other dosesmetforminExploratory negative
LEAD-1 SU (1.2 vs rosiglitazone), 2009liraglutide 1.2mgrosiflitazonesuggesting
LEAD-1 SU (1.8 vs rosiglitazone), 2009liraglutide other dosesrosiglitazone (add on SU)NCT00318422Low risk of bias suggesting
Pratley 1.2mg, 2010liraglutide 1.2mgsitagliptinNCT00700817Risk of bias suggesting
Pratley 1.8mg, 2010liraglutide 1.8mgsitagliptinNCT00700817Low risk of bias suggesting
GETGOAL-MONO Japan LTS ongoing lixisenatidecontrolNCT00905255 ongoing
ELIXA (EFC11319) ongoing lixisenatideplaceboNCT01147250 ongoing
GETGOAL-MONO ongoing lixisenatideplaceboNCT00688701 ongoing
GETGOAL-Llixisenatideplacebo (add on basal insulin)NCT00715624 -
GetGoal Duo1 ongoing lixisenatideplacebo (add on basal insulin)NCT00975286 ongoing
GETGOAL-L-ASIA ongoing lixisenatideplacebo (add on basal insulin)NCT00866658 ongoing
Ratner DRI6012, 2010lixisenatideplacebo (add on MET)NCT00299871Exploratory -
GETGOAL-F1 ongoing lixisenatideplacebo (add on MET)NCT00763451 ongoing
GETGOAL-M ongoing lixisenatideplacebo (add on MET)NCT00712673 ongoing
GetGoal-M-As ongoing lixisenatideplacebo (add on MET+/-SU)NCT01169779 ongoing
GETGOAL-S ongoing lixisenatideplacebo (add on SU+/-MET)NCT00713830 ongoing
GETGOAL-P ongoing lixisenatideplacebo (add on TZD+/-MET)NCT00763815 ongoing
GetGoal-X ongoing lixisenatideexenatideNCT00707031Exploratory ongoing
EFC10780, 2010 ongoing lixisenatidesitagliptin (add on MET)NCT00976937 ongoing
Derosa, 2010exenatide 20µgglibenclamidenegative
Liutkus, 2010exenatideplacebonegative
H8O-MC-GWBJ, 9698, 10µg/d, 2008exenatide 10µg/dplacebo -
H8O-MC-GWBJ, 9698, 20µg/d, 2008exenatide 20µg/dplaceboLow risk of bias -
Apovian, 2010exenatide 20µg/dplacebonegative
Moretto (DOUBLONS avec druker), 2008exenatide other dosesplaceboNCT00381342negative
NCT00085969exenatide other dosesplaceboNCT00085969Exploratory -
Poon, 2005exenatide other dosesplaceboNCT00044694Exploratory -
Buse, 2011exenatide 20µg/dplacebo (add on insulin)NCT00765817Low risk of bias negative
Fineman, 2003exenatide other dosesplacebo (add on MER+/-SU)Exploratory -
DeFronzo 10µg/d, 2005exenatide 10µg/dplacebo (add on MET)NCT00039013Low risk of bias negative
DeFronzo 20µg/d, 2005exenatide 20µg/dplacebo (add on MET)NCT00039013suggesting
Kim, 2007exenatide weeklyplacebo (add on MET)NCT00103935Exploratory negative
Gao, 2009exenatide 20µg/dplacebo (add on MET+/-SU)NCT00324363Low risk of bias suggesting
Buse 10µg/d, 2004exenatide 10µg/dplacebo (add on SU)NCT00039026negative
Buse 20µg/d, 2004exenatide 20µg/dplacebo (add on SU) -
Kadowaki (trial 8683), 2009exenatide 10µg/dplacebo (add on SU+/-MET/TZD)Exploratory negative
Kendall 10µg/d, 2005exenatide 10µg/dplacebo (add on SU+MET)NCT00035984Low risk of bias negative
Kendall 20µg/d, 2005exenatide 20µg/dplacebo (add on SU+MET)NCT00035984Low risk of bias suggesting
Zinman 20µg/j, 2007exenatide 20µg/dplacebo (add on TZD+/-MET)NCT00099320suggesting
Zinman 20µg/j A MODIFIER, 2007exenatide 20µg/dplacebo (add on TZD+/-MET) -
Gill, 2010exenatide 10µg/dplacebo add on MET+/-TZDExploratory negative
phase 2 exenatide once monthlyexenatide once monthlyweekly exenatide -
Bergenstal (once daily), 2009exenatide 20µg/dBIAsp 30 dailyRisk of bias -
Bergenstal (twice daily), 2009exenatide 20µg/dBIAsp 30 twice dailyRisk of bias negative
Exenatide Trial 10749exenatide before lunch and dinnerexenatide before breakfast and dinnerRisk of bias -
HEELA (Davies), 2009exenatide other dosesglargine -
Heine, 2005exenatide 20µg/dinsulin (add on SU+MET)negative
Davis, 2007exenatide 20µg/dinsulin (add on SU/MET)NCT00099333Risk of bias negative
Barnett, 2007exenatide 20µg/dinsulin (add on SU/MET)NCT00099619Exploratory suggesting
Nauck, 2007exenatide 20µg/dinsulin BIAsp twice daily add on SU+METNCT00082407Risk of bias negative
DURATION-3 (Diamant), 2010exenatide weeklyinsulin glargineNCT00641056Risk of bias suggesting
Bunck, 2009exenatide 20µg/dinsulin glargine (add on MET)NCT00097500Exploratory -
Trial 8078exenatide other dosesinsulin glargine (add on MET/SU) -
H8O-MC-GWDE ongoing exenatide weeklyliraglutideNCT01029886 ongoing
LEAD 6 (Buse) exe vs lira, 2009exenatide 10µg twice dailyliraglutide 1.8mg -
DURATION-2 (Bergenstal) (vs pioglitazone), 2010exenatide weeklypioglitazoneNCT00637273suggesting
DeFronzo (EXE vs ROSI), 2010exenatide 20µg/drosiglitazone add on METExploratory negative
DURATION-2 (Bergenstal) (vs sitagliptin), 2010exenatide weeklysitagliptinNCT00637273Exploratory suggesting
DeFronzo, 2008exenatide 20µg/dsitagliptin (add on MET)NCT00477581Exploratory -
Drucker, 2008exenatide 20µg/dweekly exenatideNCT00308139 -
BC20750 ongoing taspoglutideplaceboNCT00744926 ongoing
BC21713 (vs placebo) ongoing taspoglutideplaceboNCT00754988 ongoing
BC20963 ongoing taspoglutideplaceboNCT00744367 ongoing
BP21572 ongoing taspoglutideplaceboNCT00809705 ongoing
Nauck 10 once weekly vs PBO, 2009taspoglutide 10mg once weeklyplaceboNCT00423501Exploratory suggesting
Nauck 20 every 2 weeks vs PBO, 2009taspoglutide 20mg once every 2 weeksplacebosuggesting
Nauck 20 once weekly vs PBO, 2009taspoglutide 20mg once weeklyplacebosuggesting
Ratner (20mg once weekly), 2010taspoglutideplacebo (add on MET)NCT00460941Exploratory suggesting
BC22092 ongoing taspoglutideplacebo (add on MET)NCT00823992 ongoing
NC25113 ongoing taspoglutideplacebo add on standard treatmentNCT01018173 ongoing
BC21625 ongoing taspoglutideexenatideNCT00717457 ongoing
ZC22565 ongoing taspoglutideinsulin glargineNCT01051011 ongoing
BC20965 ongoing taspoglutideinsulin glargine (add on MET)NCT00755287 ongoing
BC21893 ongoing taspoglutidepioglitazoneNCT00909597 ongoing