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cardiovascular prevention

Veterans Ad. (Dayton), 1969dietusual dietLow risk of bias suggesting
MRC Soya, 1968dietusual dietRisk of bias negative
Woodhill, 1966dietusual dietLow risk of bias negative
Oslo Diet Heart Study (Leren), 1966dietusual dietRisk of bias suggesting
Rose, 1965dietusual dietExploratory negative
MRC low fat, 1965dietusual dietRisk of bias negative
WHI low fat, 2005dietusual dietNCT00000611Exploratory negative
Singh, 1992dietusual dietRisk of bias -
STARS (St Thomas, diet), 1992dietusual dietExploratory negative
Los Angeles VA (Dayton), 1969dietusual dietLow risk of bias -
Ornish, 1990dietusual dietExploratory negative
Kallio, 1979dietusual dietExploratory -
MRFIT, 1982dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Hjermann, 1981dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Finnish Mental Hospital (Miettinen), 1985dietusual dietprimary preventionExploratory -
WHO Collaborative, 1986dietusual dietLow risk of bias negative
Göteborg (Wilhelmsen), 1986dietusual dietLow risk of bias negative
Black, 1994dietusual dietRisk of bias negative
Goteborg, 1986dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Minnesota coronary survey (Frantz), 1975dietusual dietExploratory negative
Tuttle, 2008low fat dietmediterranean-style dietRisk of bias -