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Fibroblast growth factor - Gene therapy      

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coronary artery disease

fibroblast growth factor
FIRST (Simons), 2002fibroblast growth factorplaceboLow risk of bias -
AGENT-1 (Grines), 2002fibroblast growth factor geneplacebo -
AGENT-2 (Grines), 2003fibroblast growth factor geneplacebo -
AGENT-3fibroblast growth factor geneplaceboNCT00346437 -
AGENT-4fibroblast growth factor geneplaceboNCT00185263 -
AWAREfibroblast growth factor geneplaceboNCT00438867Low risk of bias -
AGENT 3 and 4 pooledfibroblast growth factor geneplacebo -
gene therapy
EUROINJECT-ONE (Gyöngyösi), 2005gene therapyplaceboLow risk of bias -
NCT00090714 ongoing gene therapyplaceboNCT00090714Low risk of bias ongoing