direct oral anticoagulant (DAO)  


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsNCTROB Result

acute coronary syndrome

APPRAISE-1 (10mg od), 2009apixabanplaceboNCT00313300Low risk of bias negative
APPRAISE-1 (2.5 mg bid), 2009apixabanplaceboNCT00313300 Low risk of bias negative
APPRAISE 2, 2011apixabanplaceboNCT00831441Low risk of bias negative
APPRAISE japan ongoing apixabanplaceboNCT00852397Low risk of bias ongoing
REDEEM, 2009dabigatranplaceboNCT00621855Low risk of bias negative
SEPIA-ACS1 TIMI 42, 2009otamixabanunfractionated heparinNCT00317395Low risk of bias suggesting
ATLAS ACS 2 - TIMI 51 (2.5mg), 2011rivaroxaban 2.5mgplaceboNCT00809965Low risk of bias suggesting
ATLAS ACS-TIMI 46 (2.5mg), 2009rivaroxaban 2.5mgplaceboNCT00402597Low risk of bias negative
ATLAS ACS 2 - TIMI 51 (5mg), 2011rivaroxaban 5mgplaceboNCT00809965suggesting
ATLAS ACS-TIMI 46 (5mg), 2009rivaroxaban 5mgplaceboNCT00402597Low risk of bias negative
ESTEEM, 2003ximelagatranplaceboExploratory -

atrial fibrillation

ARISTOTLE, 2011apixabanwarfarin standard doseNCT00412984Low risk of bias conclusive
phase 2 apixabanapixabanwarfarin standard doseNCT00787150Exploratory -
phase 2 dabigatrandabigatranwarfarin standard doseNCT01136408Exploratory -
RE-LY (110mg), 2009dabigatran 110mgwarfarin standard doseNCT00262600Risk of bias suggesting
PETRO (150mg), 2007dabigatran 150mgwarfarin standard doseExploratory -
RE-LY (150mg), 2009dabigatran 150mgwarfarin standard doseNCT00262600Risk of bias suggesting
Weitz (edoxaban phase 2)edoxabanwarfarin standard doseNCT00504556Exploratory -
phase 2 edoxabanedoxabanwarfarin standard doseNCT00806624Exploratory -
ENGAGE-AF TIMI 48 High dose, 2013edoxaban high dosewarfarin standard doseNCT00781391Low risk of bias suggesting
AMADEUS, 2008idraparinuxwarfarin standard doseNCT00070655Risk of bias negative
idraparinux BOREALIS-AF ongoing idraparinuxwarfarin standard doseNCT00580216Low risk of bias ongoing
ROCKET-AF, 2010rivaroxabanwarfarin standard doseNCT00403767Low risk of bias suggesting
ROCKET J ongoing rivaroxabanwarfarin standard doseNCT00494871Low risk of bias ongoing
SPORTIF II (ximelagatran vs warfarin standard dose), 2002ximelagatranwarfarin standard doseRisk of bias -
SPORTIF III, 2003ximelagatranwarfarin standard doseRisk of bias suggesting
SPORTIF V, 2005ximelagatranwarfarin standard doseLow risk of bias suggesting

cardiovascular prevention

COMPASS (rivaroxaban alone), 2017rivaroxabanaspirinsecondary preventionNCT01776424 -
COMPASS (rivaroxaban + aspirin), 2017rivaroxaban + aspirinaspirinsecondary preventionNCT01776424Low risk of bias -

thrombosis prevention

ADOPT, 2011apixabanenoxaparinNCT00457002Low risk of bias suggesting
ADVANCE 3, 2010apixabanenoxaparinNCT00423319Low risk of bias suggesting
ADVANCE 2, 2010apixabanenoxaparin (europe regimen)NCT00452530Low risk of bias suggesting
APROPOS 2.5mg, 2007apixabanenoxaparin (US regimen)NCT00097357Low risk of bias negative
ADVANCE-1, 2008apixabanenoxaparin (US regimen)NCT00371683Low risk of bias suggesting
APEX, 2016betrixabanenoxaparinNCT01583218Low risk of bias suggesting
RE-NOVATE (150mg), 2007dabigatran 150mgenoxaparinNCT00168818Low risk of bias negative
RE-NOVATE (220mg), 2007dabigatran 220mgenoxaparinNCT00168818Low risk of bias negative
RE-NOVATE 2dabigatran 220mgenoxaparinNCT00657150Low risk of bias negative
RE-MODEL (150mg), 2007dabigatran 150mgenoxaparin (europe regimen)Low risk of bias negative
RE-MODEL (220mg), 2007dabigatran 220mgenoxaparin (europe regimen)Low risk of bias negative
RE-MOBILIZE (150mg), 2008dabigatran 150mgenoxaparin (US regimen)Low risk of bias negative
RE-MOBILIZE (220mg), 2008dabigatran 220mgenoxaparin (US regimen)Low risk of bias negative
DU176b-04 ongoing edoxabanplaceboNCT01203072Low risk of bias ongoing
DU176b-B-J302 ongoing edoxabanenoxaparinNCT01181102Low risk of bias ongoing
DU176b-B-J303 ongoing edoxabanenoxaparinNCT01181141 ongoing
DU176b-B-J304 ongoing edoxabanenoxaparinNCT01181167Low risk of bias ongoing
STARS J-Vedoxabanenoxaparin (short duration)NCT01181167Low risk of bias suggesting
MARINER ongoing rivaroxabanplaceboNCT02111564 ongoing
RECORD 1, 2008rivaroxabanenoxaparinNCT00329628Low risk of bias suggesting
RECORD 3, 2008rivaroxabanenoxaparin (europe regimen)NCT00361894Low risk of bias suggesting
ODIXa-HIP 10mg, 2006rivaroxabanenoxaparin (short duration)Low risk of bias suggesting
RECORD 2, 2008rivaroxaban (long duration)enoxaparin (short duration)NCT00332020Low risk of bias suggesting
ODIXa-KNEE, 2005rivaroxabanenoxaparin (US regimen)Low risk of bias negative
RECORD 4, 2009rivaroxabanenoxaparin (US regimen)NCT00362232Low risk of bias suggesting

venous thrombosis

AMPLIFY-EXT 2.5mg, 2012apixaban 2.5mgdiscontinuationNCT00633893Low risk of bias suggesting
AMPLIFY-EXT 5mg, 2012apixaban 5mgdiscontinuationNCT00633893Low risk of bias suggesting
Botticelli DVT, 2008apixaban (without LMWH)LMWH/VKANCT00252005Exploratory -
AMPLIFY, 2013apixaban (without LMWH)LMWH/VKA DOAC without heparin NCT00643201Low risk of bias suggesting
RE-MEDY, 2011dabigatranwarfarinNCT00329238Low risk of bias suggesting
RE-SONATE, 2011dabigatrandiscontinuationNCT00558259Low risk of bias suggesting
RE-COVER, 2009heparin/dabigatranheparin/VKA heparin - DOAC NCT00291330Low risk of bias suggesting
RE-COVER II, 2011heparin/dabigatranheparin/VKA heparin - DOAC NCT00680186Low risk of bias suggesting
Edoxaban Hokusai VTE, 2013heparin/edoxabanheparin/VKA heparin - DOAC NCT00986154Low risk of bias suggesting
EINSTEIN-extension, 2009rivaroxabandiscontinuationNCT00439725Low risk of bias suggesting
Einstein-DVT Dose-Ranging Study, 2008rivaroxaban (without LMWH)LMWH/VKA -
Einstein-DVT Evaluation, 2010rivaroxaban (without LMWH)LMWH/VKA DOAC without heparin NCT00440193Low risk of bias suggesting
Einstein-PE Evaluation, 2012rivaroxaban (without LMWH)LMWH/VKANCT00439777Risk of bias -
VanGogh extension, 2007idraparinuxdiscontinuationNCT00071279suggesting
THRIVE III, 2003ximelagatrandiscontinuationLow risk of bias suggesting
THRIVE I, 2003ximelagatran (without LMWH)LMWH/VKA -