heparin (UFH or LMWH)


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial result

acute coronary syndrome

FRISC (long term), 1996   dalteparinplacebo (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias suggesting
FRIC prolonged treatment phase (LWMH vs PBO), 1997     dalteparinplacebo (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias negative
FRISC (short term), 1996   dalteparinplacebo (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias -
FRIC (acute phase LMWH vs UFH), 1997     dalteparinUFH (on top of aspirin)Exploratory negative
RESCUE    NCTenoxaparinunfractionated heparin -
EVET, 2005     enoxaparintinzaparinsuggesting
ESSENCE, 1997     enoxaparinUFH (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias suggesting
TIMI 11 B (short term), 1998   enoxaparinUFH (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias suggesting
SYNERGY, 2005          NCTenoxaparinUFH (on top of aspirin)negative
INTERACT, 2006       enoxaparinUFH (on top of aspirin)suggesting
TIMI 11 B (long term), 1998   enoxaparinUFH (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias negative
FRAXIS (6days), 1998     nadroparinUFH (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias negative
FRAXIS (14 days), 1998     nadroparinUFH (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias negative
Holdright, 1994   UFHcontrol (on top of aspirin)negative
RISC (heparin+aspirin vs ASP), 1990   UFHcontrol (on top of aspirin)negative
Theroux (heparin+ASP vs ASP), 1988   UFHcontrol (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias suggesting
ATACS (Cohen), 1994   UFH, warfarincontrol (on top of aspirin)negative
Cohen (ATACS pilot) (heparin+aspirin vs asp), 1990     UFH, warfarincontrol (on top of aspirin)negative
Theroux (heparin vs PBO), 1988   UFHplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
RISC (heparin vs PBO), 1990   UFHplacebonegative
Theroux (heparin+aspirin vs PBO), 1988   UFH + aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
RISC (ASP+ heparin vs PBO), 1990   UFH + aspirinplacebosuggesting
Gurfinkel (UFH+aspririn vs aspirin), 1995     UFHplacebo (on top of aspirin)Low risk of bias negative
Cohen (ATACS pilot) (heparin vs asp), 1990     UFH, warfarinaspirinnegative

acute myocardial infarction

HART II, 2001     EnoxaparinUFHnegative
Baird, 2002     EnoxaparinUFHnegative
DUCCS, 1994   UFHno heparinnegative
ECSG, 1992     UFHplaceboLow risk of bias negative

thrombosis prevention

Levine, 1996   ardeparinplaceboknee surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Godwin, 1993   ardeparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Schmitz-Huebner, 1984   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Sasahara, 1986   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerysuggesting
Voigt, 1986   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Welzel, 1988   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerysuggesting
Kakkar, 1989   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Adolf, 1989   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Heilmann, 1989   certoparinunfractionated heparingynaecological surgerynegative
Baumgartner, 1989   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Hoffmann and Largiade, 1990   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Koppenhagen, 1990   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Schielke, 1991   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Koppenhagen, 1992   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Hoffmann and Largiader, 1992   certoparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Heilmann, 1997   certoparinunfractionated heparingynaecological surgery -
Haas, 1999   certoparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgery -
Haas , 1987   certoparine + DHEUnfractionated heparinhip surgerynegative
Lassen, 1988   certoparine + DHEUnfractionated heparinhip surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Lassen, 1989   certoparine + DHEUnfractionated heparinhip surgeryLow risk of bias negative
Jorgensen, 1989   dalteparinplacebohip surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Torholm, 1991     dalteparinplacebohip surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Ockelford , 1989   dalteparinplacebosuggesting
Eriksson , 1988   dalteparinDextranhip surgerysuggesting
Matzsch , 1988   dalteparinDextranhip surgerynegative
Matzsch , 1991   dalteparinDextranhip surgerysuggesting
Haas , 1985   dalteparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerynegative
Binsack , 1986   dalteparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerynegative
Barre , 1987   dalteparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerynegative
Dechavanne , 1989   dalteparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerynegative
Eriksson , 1989   dalteparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerysuggesting
Monreal , 1989   dalteparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerynegative
Bergqvist, 1986   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Onarheim, 1986   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Koller, 1986   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Koller, 1986   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Fricker, 1988   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Bergqvist, 1988   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Caen, 1988   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerynegative
Borstad, 1988   dalteparinunfractionated heparingynaecological surgerynegative
Briel, 1988   dalteparinunfractionated heparinnon orthopedic surgerynegative
Creperio, 1990   dalteparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgerynegative
Hartl, 1990   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerysuggesting
Borstad, 1992   dalteparinunfractionated heparingynaecological surgery -
Kakkar, 1993   dalteparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Warwick, 1995     enoxaparinno treatmenthip surgerynegative
Ho [43]   enoxaparinno treatmentnegative
Turpie, 1986   enoxaparinplacebohip surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Leclerc, 1991   enoxaparinplaceboknee surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Samama, 1997     enoxaparinplacebohip surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Kalodiki, 1996   enoxaparinplacebohip surgeryLow risk of bias -
Agnelli, 1998     enoxaparinplacebosuggesting
Melon, 1987   enoxaparinplacebonegative
DES Group , 1991   enoxaparinDextranhip surgerysuggesting
Planes , 1988   enoxaparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerysuggesting
Levine , 1991   enoxaparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerynegative
Samama 1, 1988   enoxaparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgerynegative
Samama 2, 1988   enoxaparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgerynegative
Samama 3, 1988   enoxaparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgerynegative
Kaaja, 1992   enoxaparinunfractionated heparingynaecological surgery -
Gazzaniga (ISG), 1993   enoxaparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgery -
Nurmohamed, 1995   enoxaparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgery -
McLeod (Canadian), 1995   enoxaparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Gonzalez, 1996   enoxaparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
ENOXACAN, 1997   enoxaparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Pezzuoli, 1989   nadroparinplacebosuggesting
Leyvraz, 1991   nadroparinUnfractionated heparinhip surgerynegative
Yoo, 1997     nadroparinno treatmenthip surgerynegative
Marassi [41]   nadroparinno treatmentnegative
Sourmelis, 1995   nadroparinplacebohip surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Balas [40]   nadroparinplacebonegative
Nurmohamed, 1996   nadroparinplacebonegative
Kakkar and Murray, 1985   nadroparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgerysuggesting
EFS, 1988   nadroparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgerysuggesting
Dahan, 1989   nadroparinunfractionated heparinthoracic surgerynegative
Barbui, 1990   nadroparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgery -
Eurin, 1994   nadroparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Kakkar, 1993   reviparinunfractionated heparingeneral surgery -
Lassen, 1991   tinzaparinplacebohip surgeryLow risk of bias suggesting
Bergqvist [42]   tinzaparinplacebonegative
Leizorovicz, 1991   tinzaparinunfractionated heparinabdominal surgery -
Cerrato, 1978   UFHno treatmentsuggesting

venous thrombosis

Kakkar, 2003     BemiparinwarfarinRisk of bias negative
Das, 1996     DalteparinwarfarinRisk of bias negative
Lee, 2003       DalteparinwarfarinRisk of bias suggesting
Holmström, 1992   once daily dalteparintwice daily dalteparinnegative
Partsch, 1996     once daily dalteparintwice daily dalteparinnegative
Bratt et al , 1985   Dalteparinunfractionated heparinnegative
Holm et al , 1986   Dalteparinunfractionated heparinnegative
Bratt et al, 1990   Dalteparinunfractionated heparinnegative
Lindmarker et al , 1993   Dalteparinunfractionated heparinnegative
Veiga, 2000     EnoxaparinacenocoumarolRisk of bias negative
González-Fajardo, 2008     EnoxaparincoumarinRisk of bias -
Pini, 1994   EnoxaparinwarfarinRisk of bias negative
Gonzalez-Fajardo, 1999     EnoxaparinwarfarinRisk of bias suggesting
Meyer, 2002     EnoxaparinwarfarinRisk of bias negative
Deitcher, 2003   EnoxaparinwarfarinRisk of bias negative
Merli, 2001     once daily enoxaparintwice daily enoxaparinLow risk of bias negative
Merli (once daily vs UFH), 2001   once daily enoxaparinUFHLow risk of bias negative
Simonneau et al , 1993   Enoxaparinunfractionated heparinnegative
Krahenbuhl, 1979   subcutaneous heparinintravenous heparin -
Bentley, 1980     subcutaneous heparinintravenous heparinsuggesting
Andersson, 1982     subcutaneous heparinintravenous heparin -
Hull, 1986   subcutaneous heparinintravenous heparinnegative
Doyle, 1987   subcutaneous heparinintravenous heparinnegative
Walker, 1987   subcutaneous heparinintravenous heparinsuggesting
Lopaciuk   subcutaneous heparinintravenous heparinnegative
Pini, 1990   subcutaneous heparinintravenous heparinnegative
Siegbahn, 1989   once daily logiparintwice daily logiparinnegative
Lopaciuk, 1999     NadroparinacenocoumarolRisk of bias negative
Lopez-Beret, 2001     NadroparinacenocoumarolRisk of bias negative
Charbonnier, 1998     once daily nadroparintwice daily nadroparinLow risk of bias negative
Collaborative European Multicentre, 1991   Nadroparinunfractionated heparinnegative
Prandoni et al , 1992   Nadroparinunfractionated heparinsuggesting
Lopaciuk et al , 1992   Nadroparinunfractionated heparinnegative
Romera, 2009     TinzaparinacenocoumarolRisk of bias suggesting
Hull, 2002   TinzaparinwarfarinRisk of bias negative
Hull et al , 1992   Tinzaparinunfractionated heparinsuggesting
Schulman, 1995     6 months1.5 monthssuggesting
Pinede, 2001     3-6 months1.5-3 monthsnegative
Levine, 1995   warfarindiscontinuationLow risk of bias suggesting
LAFIT (Kearon), 1999       warfarindiscontinuationsuggesting
Agnelli, 2001     warfarindiscontinuationnegative
Agnelli, 2003     warfarindiscontinuationnegative
PREVENT (Ridker), 2003     warfarindiscontinuationsuggesting
ELAET (Kearon), 2004     warfarindiscontinuationLow risk of bias negative
DURAC (Schulman), 1997     warfarindiscontinuationsuggesting