abdominal aortic aneurysm


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agents to slow down human AAA-expansion

not classified
Mosorin, 2001     doxycyclineplaceboLow risk of bias -
Vammen, 2001     roxithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias -
Wilmink, 2000   control -
Lindholt, 1999   placeboLow risk of bias -
PATI, 2002     placeboLow risk of bias -

endovascular treatment

not classified
EVAR trial 2, 2005       endovascular repairsurveillancenegative
PIVOTAL (Ouriel), 2010   endovascular repairsurveillancenegative
DREAM, 2005        NCTendovascular repairopen repairnegative
EVAR trial 1, 2005         endovascular repairopen repairsuggesting
OVER, 2009    NCTendovascular repairopen repairsuggesting