abdominal aortic aneurysm


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultLong term death long term aneurysm-related death

agents to slow down human AAA-expansion

not classified
Mosorin, 2001     doxycyclineplaceboLow risk of bias -
Vammen, 2001     roxithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias -
Wilmink, 2000   control -
Lindholt, 1999   placeboLow risk of bias -
PATI, 2002     placeboLow risk of bias -

endovascular treatment

not classified
EVAR trial 2, 2005       endovascular repairsurveillancenegative13%-6%
PIVOTAL (Ouriel), 2010   endovascular repairsurveillancenegative-1%-1%
DREAM, 2005        NCTendovascular repairopen repairnegative14%-74%
EVAR trial 1, 2005         endovascular repairopen repairsuggesting-7%-44%
OVER, 2009    NCTendovascular repairopen repairsuggesting-29%