coronary artery disease  


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsNCTROB Result

anti-anginal drugs

Nishimura, 2009nicorandilcontrolRisk of bias -
MARIZA, 2004ranolazine 1000mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
RAN080, 2005ranolazine 1000mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
CARISA 1000mg, 2004ranolazine 1000mgplacebo (on top standard treatment)Low risk of bias negative
ERICA, 2006ranolazine 1000mg + amlodipineplacebo + amlodipineNCT00091429Low risk of bias -


not classified
MacMillan, 1960anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Borchegrevink, 1960anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Clausen, 1961anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Harvald, 1961anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Conrad, 1964anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Wasserman, 1966anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Loeliger, 1967anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Lovell, 1967anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Seaman, 1969anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Sorensen, 1969anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Meuwisse,, 1969anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Drapkin and Merskey, 1972anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Sixty Plus Reinfarction, 1980coumarin congenersplaceboLow risk of bias -
ASPECT, 1994nicoumalone or phenprocoumonplacebo -
Breddin, 1980phenprocoumonplaceboLow risk of bias -
Apenstrom and Korsan-Bengtsen, 1964dicoumarolno anticoagulant -
WARIS, 1990warfarinplaceboLow risk of bias -

cell-based therapies

not classified
REVASC (Stewart), 2006VEGF gene transfercontrol -
Ramshorst, 2009autologous bone marrow–derived mononuclear cellsplaceboISRCTN58194927Low risk of bias -
Losordo, 2011CD34+ cellsplaceboNCT00300053Exploratory -
Seiler ongoing GCSF Granulocyte-Colony Stimulating FactorplaceboNCT00886509Low risk of bias ongoing
Kumar ongoing mesenchymal stem cellsplaceboNCT00883727Low risk of bias ongoing
Genzyme SMC00202 ongoing Skeletal Myoblast TransplantationplaceboNCT00102128Low risk of bias ongoing
Losordo, 2007stem cells CD34+placeboNCT00081913Low risk of bias -
VIVA (Henry), 2003vascular endothelial growth factorplaceboLow risk of bias -
EMAT ongoing VEGFplaceboNCT00134433Low risk of bias ongoing
fibroblast growth factor
FIRST (Simons), 2002fibroblast growth factorplaceboLow risk of bias -
AGENT-1 (Grines), 2002fibroblast growth factor geneplacebo -
AGENT-2 (Grines), 2003fibroblast growth factor geneplacebo -
AGENT-3fibroblast growth factor geneplaceboNCT00346437 -
AGENT-4fibroblast growth factor geneplaceboNCT00185263 -
AWAREfibroblast growth factor geneplaceboNCT00438867Low risk of bias -
AGENT 3 and 4 pooledfibroblast growth factor geneplacebo -
gene therapy
EUROINJECT-ONE (Gyöngyösi), 2005gene therapyplaceboLow risk of bias -
NCT00090714 ongoing gene therapyplaceboNCT00090714Low risk of bias ongoing

death and events prevention

CDPA, 1976aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
Cardiff I, 1974aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
Cardiff II, 1979aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
Vogel, 1979aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
AMIS, 1980aspirinplaceboNCT00000491Low risk of bias suggesting
GAMIS, 1980aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
PARIS, 1980aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
JAMIS, 1999aspirinplacebosuggesting
SAPAT, 1992aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
CAPRIE, 1996clopidogrelaspirinLow risk of bias -
ASCETclopidogrelaspirinNCT00222261Risk of bias negative
Atlanta (Sbar), 1967dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Becker, 1967dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Wirecki, 1967dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Igloe, 1970dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Zion, 1961dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Kinsella, 1962dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Leiberman, 1964dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Dewar, 1961dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Neumann, 1964dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Foulds, 1960dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
PARIS, 1980dipyridamol + aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
PARIS-II, 1986dipyridamol + aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
PARIS, 1980dipyridamol + aspirinaspirinLow risk of bias negative
Berglund, 1985ticlopidineplaceboLow risk of bias negative

Drug eluting stent

not classified
Nordic Bifurcation Study ongoing ABNCT00376571 ongoing
ISAR-CABG, 2011DESbare-metal stentNCT00611910Risk of bias suggesting
FEMH-93005 ongoing dexamethasone eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00190099 ongoing
TRIAS-Low-Risk ongoing Genous stentbare-metal stent ongoing
TINOX, 2005titanium-nitride-oxide coated stentbare-metal stentExploratory -
PAINT (sirolimus), 2009biodegradable-polymerBMSNCT00752362Risk of bias -
Nordic Bifurcation Stent Technique Study ongoing crush stentingculotte stentingNCT00292305 ongoing
EVOLVE, 2012bioabsorbable polymer EESeverolimus eluting stentNCT01135225 -
Nordic-Baltic Bifurcation Study III, 2009kissing balloonno kissing balloonNCT00914199Risk of bias negative
NEVO RES-ELUTION INevopaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00714883Exploratory -
Costar II, 2008CoStar stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00165035Risk of bias negative
COSTAR II diabetic (sub group), 2008CoStar stentpaclitaxel eluting stentExploratory negative
TRIAS-HR, 2008Genous stentpaclitaxel eluting stentISRCTN74297220negative
BIOFREEDOMpolymer-free biolimus a9-eluting stentspaclitaxel eluting stentNCT01172119Exploratory -
GENESIS Trial CP-01 ongoing pimecrolimus eluting stentpimecrolimus paclitaxelNCT00322569 ongoing
BBC ONE, 2008double stenting with PESsingle stentingNCT00351260negative
CACTUS , 2009double stenting with SESsingle stentingRisk of bias negative
Colombo, 2004double stenting with SESsingle stentingExploratory negative
Ferenc, 2008double stenting with SESsingle stentingExploratory negative
NORDIC , 2006double stenting with SESsingle stentingRisk of bias negative
Pan, 2004double stenting with SESsingle stentingExploratory negative
ISAR TEST 2 (vs SES), 2009dual sirolimus, probucol eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentNCT00332397Risk of bias negative
ISAR TEST 3 (PF), 2009polymer free sirolimus stentsirolimus eluting stentnegative
ISAR TEST 3 (BP), 2009sirolimus biodegradable polymersirolimus eluting stentnegative
ISAR-TEST-4 (biodegradable polymer), 2009sirolimus biodegradable polymersirolimus eluting stentNCT00598676).Risk of bias negative
ISAR TEST 2 (vs ZES), 2009dual sirolimus, probucol eluting stentzotarolimus eluting stentNCT00332397Risk of bias -
ISAR TEST 5dual sirolimus, probucol eluting stentzotarolimus eluting stentNCT00598533Risk of bias negative
Kim, 2010abciximab-coated stentbare-metal stentExploratory -
biolimus eluting stent
LEADERS, 2008biolimus eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentNCT00389220negative
SYNTAX (unprotected left main sub group), 2009DESCABGRisk of bias suggesting
dactinomycin eluting stent
ACTION, 2004dactinomycin eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
drug-eluting stents
PASEO, 2009drug-eluting stentsbare-metal stent -
DEDICATION, 2008drug-eluting stentsbare-metal stentNCT00192868Risk of bias suggesting
ISAR-CABG ongoing drug-eluting stentsbare-metal stentNCT00611910 ongoing
GENIUS-STEMI, 2009Genous stentbare-metal stentExploratory negative
Boudriot, 2008DESCABGExploratory negative
Leipzig ongoing drug-eluting stentsCABGNCT00176397 ongoing
FREEDOM, 2012PCI with drug-eluting stentsCABGNCT00086450Risk of bias negative
Hong, 2005PCI withdrug-eluting stentsCABGRisk of bias -
VA CARDS ongoing PCI withdrug-eluting stentsCABGNCT00326196Risk of bias ongoing
everolimus eluting stent
FUTURE I, 2004everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentnegative
FUTURE II, 2006everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias -
SPIRIT I, 2005everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00180453Exploratory negative
BASKET-PROVE (EES), 2010everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentISRCTN72444640suggesting
RESET, 2011everolimus eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentNCT01035450 -
PLATINUM, 2011everolimus eluting stenteverolimus eluting stentNCT00823212 -
SPIRIT II, 2006everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00180310Risk of bias negative
SPIRIT IV, 2010everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00307047Risk of bias suggesting
SPIRIT III, 2008everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00180479Exploratory suggesting
COMPARE, 2009everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT01016041Risk of bias suggesting
SPIRIT III (small vessel subgroup), 2009everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentExploratory suggesting
SORT OUT IV, 2012everolimus eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentNCT00552877Risk of bias -
ISAR-TEST 4 (EES vs SES)everolimus eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentsuggesting
LEFT-MAIN-2 ongoing everolimus eluting stentzotarolimus eluting stentNCT00598637 ongoing
ISAR-DESIRE (PES vs PTCA), 2005paclitaxel eluting stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
TAXUS I, 2003paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias negative
TAXUS II, 2003paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00299026Low risk of bias suggesting
TAXUS IV, 2004paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00292474Low risk of bias suggesting
SCORE, 2004paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
TAXUS V (all patients), 2005paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00301522Low risk of bias suggesting
TAXUS VI, 2005paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00297804Low risk of bias suggesting
PASSION, 2006paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentISRCTN65027270Risk of bias negative
HAAMU-STENT, 2006paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentExploratory negative
Erglis, 2007paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
HORIZONS-AMI Stent, 2008paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
TAXUS II (diabetics), 2003paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias suggesting
TAXUS IV (diabetics), 2005paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00292474Low risk of bias suggesting
TAXUS V (diabetics), 2005paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias suggesting
TAXUS VI (diabetics), 2005paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00297804Low risk of bias suggesting
SOS, 2008paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00247208Exploratory suggesting
TAXUS V small vessels sub groupspaclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stent -
BASKET-SAVAGE ongoing paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00595647 ongoing
ASPECT, 2003paclitaxel, non-polymeric eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00196079Low risk of bias suggesting
ELUTES, 2004paclitaxel, non-polymeric eluting stentbare-metal stentnegative
DELIVER, 2004paclitaxel, non-polymeric eluting stentbare-metal stentRisk of bias negative
PATENCY, 2002paclitaxel, non-polymeric eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias negative
TAXUS V ISR, 2006paclitaxel eluting balloonbrachytherapyNCT00287573Risk of bias -
SYNTAX, 2009paclitaxel eluting stentCABGNCT00114972Risk of bias suggesting
VELETI ongoing paclitaxel eluting stentmedical treatmentNCT00289835 ongoing
PEPCAD IV ongoing paclitaxel eluting balloonpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00462631 ongoing
PERSEUS Workhorse, 2010 ongoing paclitaxel eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00484315 ongoing
ISAR-test (diabetics), 2006paclitaxel eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentRisk of bias -
FRE-RACE ongoing paclitaxel eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentNCT00130546 ongoing
COMBAT ongoing PCICABG ongoing
Korean Randomized Study ongoing PCICABG ongoing
sirolimus eluting stent
ISAR-DESIRE (SES vs PTCA), 2005sirolimus eluting stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Kochiadakis, 2007sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentExploratory -
RAVEL, 2002sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00233805Low risk of bias suggesting
SIRIUS, 2003sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00232765Low risk of bias suggesting
C-SIRIUS, 2004sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00381420Low risk of bias suggesting
E-SIRIUS, 2003sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00235144suggesting
SES-SMART, 2004sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
DIABETES, 2005sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
Pache et al, 2005sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
PRISON II, 2006sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00258596Risk of bias suggesting
SCANDSTENT, 2006sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00151658suggesting
TYPHOON, 2006sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00232830suggesting
SESAMI, 2007sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00288210Risk of bias suggesting
DECODE, 2005sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00489164suggesting
SCORPIUS, 2007sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00495898suggesting
MISSION, 2008sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentISRCTN62825862Risk of bias suggesting
Ortolani et al, 2007sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stent -
Pasceri, 2003sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stent -
GISSOC II, 2010sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00220558Exploratory suggesting
DEBATER (SES vs BMS), 2009sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
BASKET-PROVE (SES), 2010sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentISRCTN72444640Risk of bias suggesting
Ravel (diabetics), 2004sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
SES-SMARt (diabetics), 2005sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
DESSERT, 2008sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentExploratory suggesting
SIRIUS (diabetics), 2003sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias -
Díaz de la Llera, 2007sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stent -
RRISC, 2006sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00263263Risk of bias suggesting
SCANDSTENT (subgroup), 2006sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentExploratory suggesting
BASKET-PROVE, 2008 ongoing sirolimus eluting stentbare-metal stent ongoing
FOCUS ongoing sirolimus eluting stentcutting ballon angioplastyNCT00485004 ongoing
CRISTALsirolimus eluting stentPTCANCT00323895 -
RIBS-II, 2008sirolimus eluting stentPTCAsuggesting
SISR, 2007sirolimus eluting stentbrachytherapyNCT00231257Risk of bias suggesting
PRECOMBAT, 2011sirolimus eluting stentCABGNCT00422968 -
MIDCAB Versus DES in Proximal LAD Lesions ongoing sirolimus eluting stentCABGNCT00299429 ongoing
Munich Study ongoing sirolimus eluting stentCABG ongoing
Gao ongoing sirolimus eluting stentFirebird eluting stentNCT00887211 ongoing
Thiele, 2009PCI withsirolimus ESMIDCABNCT00299429Risk of bias -
Tomai, 2008sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stent -
TAXi, 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentRisk of bias negative
ISAR-DESIRE (SES vs PES), 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentsuggesting
ISAR-DIABETES, 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
SIRTAX (Windecker), 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentRisk of bias suggesting
CORPAL, 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
REALITY, 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00235092Risk of bias suggesting
ISAR-SMART 3, 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00146575negative
Zhang (SES vs PES), 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentExploratory negative
LONG DES II, 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentRisk of bias suggesting
PROSIT, 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
SORT OUT II, 2008sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00388934negative
Cervinka, 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
Petronio et al, 2007sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
Han, 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
BASKET (vs paclitaxel), 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
Di Lorenzo et al., 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
ISAR-TEST-1, 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00140530Risk of bias negative
ISAR-LEFT-MAIN, 2009sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00133237negative
Kim, 2008sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
Pan, 2007sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentExploratory suggesting
DES-DIABETES, 2008sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentRisk of bias suggesting
SIRTAX diabetics, 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00297661negative
TAxi (diabetics)sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stent -
REALITY (diabetics), 2006sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentnegative
ISAR-DESIRE-2, 2010sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00598715Risk of bias -
Wessely, 2008sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentExploratory -
SIRTAX (small vessels subgroup), 2005sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentsuggesting
DES-ISR ongoing sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00485030 ongoing
Lipsia-Yukon-DM ongoing sirolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00368953 ongoing
zotarolimus eluting stent
ENDEAVOR II, 2006zotarolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias suggesting
RESOLUTE All comers, 2010zotarolimus eluting stenteverolimus eluting stentNCT00617084.)Risk of bias negative
TWENTE, 2012zotarolimus eluting stenteverolimus eluting stentNCT01066650 -
ENDEAVOR IV, 2009zotarolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00217269Risk of bias suggesting
ZEST AMI (vs PES), 2009zotarolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00422565Risk of bias negative
ZoMaxx I, 2008zotarolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stent -
ZEST (vs PES), 2009zotarolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00418067suggesting
ZoMaxx phase 2 ongoing zotarolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00140101 ongoing