cardiovascular prevention


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ACAT inhibition

CAPTIVATE, 2009pactimibeplaceboNCT00151788Exploratory -
ACTIVATE, 2006pactimibeplaceboNCT00185042Exploratory -


not classified
MacMillan, 1960anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Borchegrevink, 1960anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Clausen, 1961anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Harvald, 1961anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Conrad, 1964anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Wasserman, 1966anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Loeliger, 1967anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Lovell, 1967anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Seaman, 1969anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Sorensen, 1969anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Meuwisse,, 1969anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Drapkin and Merskey, 1972anticoagulantno anticoagulant -
Sixty Plus Reinfarction, 1980coumarin congenersplacebo -
ASPECT, 1994nicoumalone or phenprocoumonplacebo -
Breddin, 1980phenprocoumonplacebo -
Apenstrom and Korsan-Bengtsen, 1964dicoumarolno anticoagulant -
COMPASS (rivaroxaban alone), 2017rivaroxabanaspirinsecondary preventionNCT01776424 -
COMPASS (rivaroxaban + aspirin), 2017rivaroxaban + aspirinaspirinsecondary preventionNCT01776424Low risk of bias -
COMMANDER HF ongoing rivaroxabanplaceboNCT01877915 ongoing
WARIS, 1990warfarinplacebo -
Thrombosis Prevention trial (Warfarin), 1998warfarinplaceboprimary preventionNCT00000614Low risk of bias suggesting
Thrombosis Prevention trial (W plus A), 1998warfarin + aspirinplaceboprimary preventionNCT00000614Exploratory suggesting


not classified
Tepel, 2003acetylcysteineplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
HPS antioxidant, 2002combinationplaceboLow risk of bias negative
WAVE (Waters), 2002combinationplaceboExploratory negative
POPADAD (antioxydant), 2008combinationplaceboISRCTN53295293Low risk of bias negative
PHS II beta carotene, 2003combinationplaceboNCT00270647Low risk of bias -
SUVIMAX, 2005combinationplaceboExploratory negative
HATS, 2001combinationplaceboExploratory negative
MVP, 1997combinationplaceboExploratory negative
PHS II (multivitamin), 2012combinationplaceboNCT00270647Low risk of bias negative
ARISE, 2008succinobucol placeboNCT00066898Low risk of bias suggesting
beta carotene
ATBC beta carotene, 1994beta caroteneplaceboExploratory -
CARET beta carotene, 1996beta caroteneplaceboLow risk of bias negative
SCP beta carotene, 1990beta caroteneplacebonegative
NSCP (Green) beta carotene, 1999beta caroteneplaceboLow risk of bias negative
PHS beta carotene, 1996beta caroteneplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
WHS beta carotene, 1999beta caroteneplaceboNCT00000479Low risk of bias negative
WACS beta-caroten, 2007beta caroteneplaceboNCT00000541Low risk of bias negative
ATBC 2nd prev subgroup (b carotene), 1998beta caroteneplaceboExploratory negative
vitamin c
WACS vitamin C, 2007vitamin CplaceboNCT00000541negative
PHS II vitamin C, 2008vitamin CplaceboNCT00270647Low risk of bias negative
vitamin e
GISSI, 1999vitamin EcontrolRisk of bias negative
PPP, 2001vitamin EcontrolRisk of bias negative
ATBC vitamin E, 1994vitamin EplaceboExploratory suggesting
CHAOS, 1996vitamin EplaceboExploratory suggesting
HOPE, 2000vitamin EplaceboLow risk of bias negative
AREDS, 2001vitamin EplaceboExploratory negative
Linxian, 1993vitamin Eplacebonegative
WACS vitamin E, 2007vitamin EplaceboNCT00000541Low risk of bias negative
PHS II vitamin E, 2008vitamin EplaceboNCT00270647Low risk of bias negative
WHS vitamin E, 2005vitamin EplaceboNCT00000479Exploratory negative
ASAP, 2000vitamin EplaceboExploratory negative
SPACE, 2000vitamin EplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
HOPE renal insufficiency subgroup, 2004vitamin EplaceboExploratory negative
ATBC 2nd prev subgroup (vitamin E), 1998vitamin EplaceboExploratory negative

antiplatelets drug

not classified
Brittenden J ongoing ongoing
Brittenden J (2) ongoing ongoing
Fowkes FGR ongoing ongoing
McCollum CN ongoing ongoing
JPPP ongoing aspirinno aspirinprimary preventionNCT00225849Risk of bias ongoing
JPAD, 2008aspirinno treatmentNCT00110448Risk of bias suggesting
PPP (diabetics sub group), 2003aspirinno treatmentExploratory negative
British Doctor’s Trial, 1988aspirinno treatmentprimary preventionRisk of bias negative
Primary Prevention Project, 2001aspirinno treatmentprimary preventionRisk of bias negative
POPADAD aspirin, 2008aspirinplaceboISRCTN53295293Low risk of bias negative
DAMAD, 1989aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
ETDRS, 1992aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
PHS (diabetics sub group), 1989aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
WHS (diabetics sub group), 2005aspirinplaceboExploratory suggesting
Physicians Health Study, 1989aspirinplaceboprimary preventionNCT00000500Low risk of bias suggesting
Thrombosis Prevention Trial, 1998aspirinplaceboprimary preventionNCT00000614Low risk of bias suggesting
HOT, 1998aspirinplaceboprimary preventionLow risk of bias suggesting
Women’s Health Study, 2005aspirinplaceboprimary preventionLow risk of bias suggesting
AAA, 2009aspirinplacebosecondary preventionISRCTN66587262Low risk of bias negative
Schoop, 1983aspirinplacebo -
Hess, 1985aspirinplacebo -
Munich A, 1975aspirinplacebo -
Munich B, 1975aspirinplacebo -
CLIPS, 2007aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
CDPA, 1976aspirinplacebonegative
Cardiff I, 1974aspirinplacebonegative
Cardiff II, 1979aspirinplacebonegative
Vogel, 1979aspirinplacebosuggesting
AMIS, 1980aspirinplaceboNCT00000491suggesting
GAMIS, 1980aspirinplacebonegative
PARIS, 1980aspirinplacebonegative
JAMIS, 1999aspirinplacebosuggesting
SAPAT, 1992aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
ASCEND (aspirin) ongoing aspirinplaceboNCT00135226 ongoing
ACCEPT-D ongoing aspirinplaceboISRCTN48110081Risk of bias ongoing
CAPRIE, 1996clopidogrelaspirinsecondary preventionLow risk of bias suggesting
CAPRIE, 1996clopidogrelaspirin -
ASCETclopidogrelaspirinNCT00222261Risk of bias negative
CHARISMA, 2006clopidogrelplacebo (on top aspirin)secondary preventionNCT00050817Low risk of bias suggesting
Atlanta (Sbar), 1967dipyridamolcontrolExploratory negative
Becker, 1967dipyridamolcontrolExploratory negative
Wirecki, 1967dipyridamolcontrolExploratory negative
Hess (2), 1985aspirin + dipyridamolplacebo -
Schoop (2), 1983aspirin + dipyridamolplacebo -
VA study, 1986aspirin + dipyridamolplacebo -
Igloe, 1970dipyridamolplaceboExploratory -
Zion, 1961dipyridamolplaceboExploratory -
Kinsella, 1962dipyridamolplaceboExploratory -
Leiberman, 1964dipyridamolplaceboExploratory -
Dewar, 1961dipyridamolplaceboExploratory -
Neumann, 1964dipyridamolplaceboExploratory -
Foulds, 1960dipyridamolplaceboExploratory -
PARIS, 1980dipyridamol + aspirinplacebonegative
PARIS-II, 1986dipyridamol + aspirinplacebonegative
PARIS, 1980dipyridamol + aspirinaspirinnegative
PACK, 1996ketanserineplacebo -
Walden, 1991ketanserineplacebo -
Thulesius, 1987ketanserineplacebo -
Cocozza, 1995picotamideplaceboExploratory negative
ADEP, 1993picotamideplacebo -
Neirotti, 1994picotamideplacebo -
Coto, 1989picotamideplacebo -
Dutch, 1980sulfinyrazoneplacebonegative
Adriaensen, 1976suloctidilplacebo -
Verhaeghe, 1981suloctidilplacebo -
Jones, 1982suloctidilplacebo -
Holm, 1984suloctidilplacebo -
EUCLID, 2016ticagrelorclopidogrelNCT01732822 -
PEGASUS 60mg, 2015ticagrelorplacebo (on top aspirin)secondary preventionNCT01225562Low risk of bias suggesting
PEGASUS 90mg, 2015ticagrelorplacebo (on top aspirin)secondary preventionNCT01225562suggesting
Birmingham-A, 1979ticlopidineplacebonegative
London diabetes, 1983ticlopidineplacebonegative
TIMAD, 1984ticlopidineplacebonegative
BTRS, 1992ticlopidineplacebonegative
Nyberg, 1984ticlopidineplaceboLow risk of bias negative
EMATAP, 1993ticlopidineplacebo -
Katsumara, 1982ticlopidineplacebo -
Aukland, 1982ticlopidineplacebo -
Stiegler, 1984ticlopidineplacebo -
Ellis, 1986ticlopidineplacebo -
Cloarec, 1986ticlopidineplacebo -
Arcan, 1988ticlopidineplacebo -
Balsano, 1989ticlopidineplacebo -
STIMS, 1990ticlopidineplacebo -
Hurlow, 1980ticlopidineplacebo -
Krause, 1980ticlopidineplacebo -
Berglund, 1985ticlopidineplaceboExploratory negative
CRAMPS, 2000cloricromeneplacebo -
TRA-2P TIMI 50, 2012vorapaxarplacebo (on top aspirin)secondary preventionNCT00526474Low risk of bias suggesting
TRA-2P TIMI 50 (no prior stroke sub group), 2012vorapaxarplacebo (on top aspirin)secondary preventionExploratory suggesting
TRA-2P TIMI 50 (MI subgroup), 2012vorapaxarplacebo (on top aspirin)secondary preventionNCT00526474Exploratory suggesting

CEPT inhibition

not classified
NCT01516541 ongoing dalcetrapibNCT01516541 ongoing
NCT01059682 ongoing dalcetrapibNCT01059682 ongoing
REVEAL HPS-3 TIMI-55, 2017anacetrapibplaceboNCT01252953 -
dal-VESSEL, 2011dalcetrapibplaceboExploratory -
dal-OUTCOMES, 2012dalcetrapibplaceboNCT00658515Low risk of bias negative
ACCELERATE, 2017evacetrapibplaceboNCT01687998suggesting
DEFINE, 2010anacetrapibplaceboNCT00685776Exploratory negative
REALIZE, 2015anacetrapibplaceboNCT01524289negative
RADIANCE 1, 2007torcetrapibplaceboNCT00136981Exploratory negative
ILLUMINATE, 2007torcetrapibplaceboNCT00134264negative
RADIANCE 2, 2007torcetrapibplaceboExploratory -
ILLUSTRATE, 2007torcetrapibplaceboNCT00134173Exploratory negative

cholesterol lowering intervention

not classified
FACS, 2010acute coronary syndrome early initiation -
Shalnev VI, 2007acute coronary syndrome early initiation -
Amburgey CF ongoing Peripheral Arterial Disease ongoing
FATS, 1990intensive lipid-lowering therapydietprimary preventionNCT00000512Exploratory negative
Sakamoto, 2006any statinno statinacute coronary syndrome early initiation Risk of bias -
POSCH, 1990partial ileum bypass surgeryno surgeryNCT00000490Risk of bias negative
SOLID-TIMI 52darapladibplaceboacute coronary syndrome early initiation NCT01000727 -
Ren, 2009simvastatinplaceboacute coronary syndrome early initiation Exploratory -
HARP, 1994various drugsplaceboNCT00000461Exploratory negative
OACIS-LIPID, 2008pravastatinusual careacute coronary syndrome early initiation Low risk of bias -
SCRIP, 1994various drugsusual careNCT00000508Exploratory negative
JAPAN ACS, 2009pitavastatinatorvastatinacute coronary syndrome early initiation NCT00242944Exploratory -
Post CABG (diabetic sub group), 1999aggressive cholesterol-loweringmoderate cholesterol-loweringdiabetic patients type 2 diabetes Exploratory -
ASCOT (diabetics sub group), 2003atorvastatinplacebodiabetic patients type 2 diabetes Exploratory negative
CARDS, 2004atorvastatinplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes NCT00327418Low risk of bias conclusive
Deutsche Diabetes Dialyse Studie (4D), 2005atorvastatinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
ASPEN, 2006atorvastatinplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes Low risk of bias negative
ASPEN, 2006atorvastatinplacebodiabetic patients trastuzumab-naif type 2 diabetes Low risk of bias negative
ASCOT, 2003atorvastatinplaceboat risk hypertensive hypertensive patients Low risk of bias conclusive
MIRACL, 2001atorvastatinplaceboacute coronary syndrome early initiation Low risk of bias suggesting
macin, 2005atorvastatinplaceboacute coronary syndrome squamous NSCLC Exploratory -
SALTIRE, 2005atorvastatinplaceboaortic stenosisExploratory negative
Mohler III, 2003atorvastatinplaceboPeripheral Arterial DiseaseExploratory -
SPARCL, 2006atorvastatinplacebopost stroke cerebral vascular disease NCT00147602Low risk of bias suggesting
Strey, 2005atorvastatinplaceboheart failure -
Mohler, 2003atorvastatinplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias -
ASPEN (primary prevention sub group), 2006atorvastatinplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes Exploratory negative
ASCOT (women subgroup) , 2003AtorvastatinplacebowomenExploratory negative
Colivicchi, 2002atorvastatinusual careacute coronary syndrome early initiation Exploratory negative
ESTABLISH, 2004atorvastatinusual careacute coronary syndrome early initiation Exploratory negative
GREACE, 2002atorvastatinusual caresecondary preventionRisk of bias suggesting
AVERT, 1999atorvastatin high doseangioplastysecondary preventionRisk of bias negative
TNT (diabetic sub group), 2006atorvastatin high doseatorvastatindiabetic patients type 2 diabetes Exploratory suggesting
TNT, 2005atorvastatin high doseatorvastatinsecondary preventionNCT00327691Low risk of bias conclusive
Vascular basis, 2005atorvastatin high doselovastatinsecondary preventionExploratory negative
PROVE IT - TIMI 22, 2004atorvastatinpravastatinacute coronary syndrome early initiation suggesting
REVERSAL, 2004atorvastatin high dosepravastatinsecondary preventionExploratory negative
PROVE-IT, 2004atorvastatin high dosepravastatindiabetic early initiation Low risk of bias suggesting
SAGE, 2007atorvastatin high dosepravastatinsecondary preventionExploratory suggesting
IDEAL, 2005atorvastatin high dosesimvastatinsecondary preventionNCT00159835Risk of bias suggesting
SENDCAP, 1998bezafibrateplacebo type 2 diabetes Exploratory suggesting
LEADER, 2002bezafibrateplaceboLow risk of bias negative
LEADER trial, 2000bezafibrateplaceboPeripheral Arterial DiseaseLow risk of bias -
BECAIT, 1996bezafibrateplacebosecondary preventionExploratory suggesting
BIP, 2000bezafibrateplacebosecondary preventionLow risk of bias negative
Laufs, 2004cerivastatinplaceboheart failure -
STARS (cholestyramine), 1992cholestyraminecontrolLow risk of bias negative
LRC, 1984cholestyramineplaceboLow risk of bias negative
NHLBI (Brensike), 1984cholestyramineplacebodiabeticNCT00000594Exploratory negative
WHO clofibrate, 1978clofibrateplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
Cullen, 1974clofibrateplaceboLow risk of bias -
Harrold, 1969clofibrateplacebo type 2 diabetes Low risk of bias -
Hanefeld, 1991clofibrateplacebo type 2 diabetes Low risk of bias negative
Begg, 1971clofibrateplacebosecondary preventionExploratory negative
Acheson, 1972clofibrateplacebosecondary prevention cerebral vascular disease Exploratory -
VA Neurology Section, 1974clofibrateplaceboLow risk of bias -
CDP Clofibrate, 1975clofibrateplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
Scottish, 1971clofibrateplaceboLow risk of bias negative
Newcastle, 1971clofibrateplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
SCOR, 1990colestipol+clofibrateplacebodiabeticLow risk of bias negative
UCS (Dorr), 1978colestipolplaceboLow risk of bias negative
Ryan, 1974colestipolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Gundersen, 1976colestipolplaceboExploratory -
Ruoff, 1978colestipolplaceboLow risk of bias negative
Gross, 1973colestipolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Veterans Ad. (Dayton), 1969dietusual dietLow risk of bias suggesting
MRFIT, 1982dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Hjermann, 1981dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Finnish Mental Hospital (Miettinen), 1985dietusual dietprimary preventionExploratory -
WHO Collaborative, 1986dietusual dietLow risk of bias negative
Goteborg, 1986dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Rose, 1965dietusual dietExploratory negative
Singh, 1992dietusual dietRisk of bias -
STARS (St Thomas, diet), 1992dietusual dietExploratory negative
Los Angeles VA (Dayton), 1969dietusual dietRisk of bias -
Ornish, 1990dietusual dietExploratory negative
Kallio, 1979dietusual dietExploratory -
MRC Soya, 1968dietusual dietRisk of bias negative
Woodhill, 1966dietusual dietLow risk of bias negative
Oslo Diet Heart Study (Leren), 1966dietusual dietRisk of bias suggesting
MRC low fat, 1965dietusual dietRisk of bias negative
WHI low fat, 2005dietusual dietNCT00000611Exploratory negative
Göteborg (Wilhelmsen), 1986dietusual dietLow risk of bias negative
Black, 1994dietusual dietRisk of bias negative
Minnesota coronary survey (Frantz), 1975dietusual dietExploratory negative
Tuttle, 2008low fat dietmediterranean-style dietRisk of bias -
Marmorstein, 1962estrogenplaceboLow risk of bias -
Stamler, 1963estrogenplaceboLow risk of bias -
CDP estrogen 5, 1975estrogenplaceboLow risk of bias -
CDP estrogen 2.5, 1975estrogenplaceboLow risk of bias -
VA Neurology Section (estrogen), 1966estrogenplaceboLow risk of bias -
VA drugs (Estrogen or thyroxine), 1968estrogen or thyroxineplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
Emmerich, 2009etofibrateplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes Exploratory -
IMPROVE-IT, 2014ezetimibecontrol early initiation NCT00202878suggesting
Enhance, 2008ezetimibeplacebo -
SHARP, 2010ezetimibe+simvastatinplaceboNCT00125593Low risk of bias suggesting
SANDS, 2008aggressive treatmentstandard teatmentdiabetic type 2 diabetes NCT00047424Exploratory negative
ARBITER-HALTS 6, 2010ezetimibeniacinExploratory -
FIELD, 2005fenofibrateplacebodiabetic patients type 2 diabetes ISRCTN64783481Low risk of bias suggesting
DAIS, 2001fenofibrateplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes Exploratory negative
FIELD, 2005fenofibrateplacebodiabetic type 2 diabetes ISRCTN64783481Exploratory suggesting
ACCORD lipid, 2010fenofibrateplacebo (on top simvastatine)diabetic patients type 2 diabetes NCT00000620Low risk of bias negative
ACCORD lipid (subgroup Eye study), 2010fenofibrateplacebo (on top simvastatine)diabetic patients type 2 diabetes NCT00000620Exploratory suggesting
LIPS (diabetic sub group), 2002fluvastatinplacebodiabetic patients type 2 diabetes Exploratory suggesting
ALERT (diabetic sub group), 2003fluvastatinplacebodiabetic patients type 2 diabetes Exploratory -