stable angina  


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsNCTROB Result

anti-anginal drugs

MARIZA, 2004ranolazine 1000mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
RAN080, 2005ranolazine 1000mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
CARISA 1000mg, 2004ranolazine 1000mgplacebo (on top standard treatment)Low risk of bias negative
ERICA, 2006ranolazine 1000mg + amlodipineplacebo + amlodipineNCT00091429Low risk of bias -


not classified
PROVE-IT, 2005GatifloxacinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
ROXIS, 1999RoxithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
Leowattana et al, 2001Roxithromycinplacebonegative
ANTIBIO, 2003RoxithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
Gupta et al, 1997AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
ACADEMIC, 1999AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
WIZARD, 2003AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
ACES, 2005AzithromycinplaceboNCT00000617Low risk of bias negative
STAMINA (Azithromycin), 2002AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
AZACS, 2003AzithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias negative
CLARIFY, 2001clarithromycinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
CLARICOR, 2006clarithromycinplaceboNCT00121550Low risk of bias negative


not classified
Murphy, 2003roxifiban placeboLow risk of bias -
SAPAT, 1992aspirinplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
ASCETclopidogrelaspirinNCT00222261Risk of bias negative
Atlanta (Sbar), 1967dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Becker, 1967dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Wirecki, 1967dipyridamolcontrolLow risk of bias negative
Igloe, 1970dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Zion, 1961dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Kinsella, 1962dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Leiberman, 1964dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Dewar, 1961dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Neumann, 1964dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Foulds, 1960dipyridamolplaceboLow risk of bias -
Berglund, 1985ticlopidineplaceboLow risk of bias negative

HR-slowing agents

Borer (CL2-009) 10mg, 2003ivabradine 10mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
BEAUTIFUL, 2008ivabradine 15mgplaceboNCT00143507Low risk of bias negative
Borer (CL2-009) 20mg, 2003ivabradine 20mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
SIGNIFY, 2014ivabradine 20mgplaceboISRCTN61576291Low risk of bias negative
Borer (CL2-009) 5mg, 2003ivabradine 5mgplaceboLow risk of bias -
BEAUTIFUL (angina subgroup)ivabradine 15mgplacebo (on top standard treatment)Low risk of bias suggesting
CL3-018 10mgivabradine 10mgplacebo on top of amlodipine -
CL3-018 15mgivabradine 15mgplacebo on top of amlodipine -
ASSOCIATE (Tardif), 2009ivabradine 15mgplacebo on top of atenololNCT00202566Low risk of bias -
CL3-023 (15mg)ivabradineamlodipineLow risk of bias -
CL3-023 (20mg)ivabradineamlodipineLow risk of bias -
Ruzyllo (CL3-023) 15mg, 2007ivabradine 15mgamlodipineLow risk of bias -
Ruzyllo (CL3-023) 20mg, 2007ivabradine 20mgamlodipineLow risk of bias -
INITIATIVE (CL3-017, Tardif) 15mg, 2005ivabradine 15mgatenololLow risk of bias -
INITIATIVE (CL3-017, Tardif) 20mg, 2005ivabradine 20mgatenololLow risk of bias -

myocardial revascularization

not classified
Nordic Bifurcation Study ongoing ABNCT00376571 ongoing
Serruys Benestent 2, 1998stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Versaci , 1997stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Fischman STRESS, 1994stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Serruys Benestent, 1994stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Moer, 2001stentballoon angioplastynegative
Doucet, 2001stentballoon angioplastynegative
Koning, 2001stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Park, 2000stentballoon angioplastynegative
Lotan, 2000stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Weaver, 2000stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Dangas, 2000stentballoon angioplastynegative
Fluck, 2000stentballoon angioplastynegative
Lafont, 2000stentballoon angioplastynegative
Witkowski, 2000stentballoon angioplastynegative
Kastrati, 2000stentballoon angioplastynegative
Di Marlo, 2000stentballoon angioplastynegative
Serruys, 2000stentballoon angioplastynegative
Lincoff (EPISTENT), 1999stentballoon angioplastyNCT00271401suggesting
Buller, 1999stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Betriu, 1999stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Hoher, 1999stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Sievert, 1999stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Eeckout, 1996stentballoon angioplastynegative
Sirnes, 1996stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Savage, 1998stentballoon angioplastynegative
Erbel, 1998stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Rubartelli, 1998stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Hancock, 1998stentballoon angioplastysuggesting
Rodriguez, 1998stentballoon angioplastynegative
FEMH-93005 ongoing dexamethasone eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00190099 ongoing
Nordic Bifurcation Stent Technique Study ongoing crush stentingculotte stentingNCT00292305 ongoing
EVOLVE, 2012bioabsorbable polymer EESeverolimus eluting stentNCT01135225 -
ISCHEMIA ongoing PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentRisk of bias ongoing
FAME II, 2012FFR-guided PCIno PCINCT01132495suggesting
Leon (high dose), 2005TMRplaceboLow risk of bias negative
SYNTAX (diabetic), 2010PCI with drug-eluting stentsCABGNCT00114972Exploratory -
ARTS, 2001stentCABGnegative
ERACI II, 2003stentCABGRisk of bias suggesting
SOS, 2002stentCABGNCT00475449Risk of bias suggesting
CARDia (PCI), 2008stentCABGISRCTN19872154Risk of bias negative
LEMANS, 2002stentCABGNCT00375063Exploratory negative
MASS II, 2007stentCABGRisk of bias negative
Myoprotect, 2004stentCABGExploratory -
STICH (vs med), 2011CABGmedical treatmentNCT00023595Risk of bias suggesting
CASS subgroup, 1985CABGmedical treatmentExploratory suggesting
Schofield, 1999TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Allen, 1999TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Frazier, 1999TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
ATLANTIC (Burkhoff), 1999TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Aaberge, 2000TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Huikeshoven, 2003TMRmedical treatmentExploratory -
PACIFIC, 2000TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Stone, 2002TMRmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Salem, 2004TMRmedical treatmentLow risk of bias negative
van der Sloot, 2004TMRmedical treatmentExploratory negative
March, 1999TMRmedical treatmentExploratory -
Gray, 2003TMRmedical treatmentExploratory negative
Diegeler, 2002stentMIDCABRisk of bias negative
Drenth, 2002stentMIDCABRisk of bias negative
Grip, 2001stentMIDCABnegative
SIMA, 2000stentMIDCABnegative
Kim, 2005stentMIDCABRisk of bias -
OCTOSTENT, 2003stentOPCABNCT00975858Risk of bias negative
Costar II, 2008CoStar stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00165035Risk of bias negative
GENESIS Trial CP-01 ongoing pimecrolimus eluting stentpimecrolimus paclitaxelNCT00322569 ongoing
ISAR-TEST-4 (biodegradable polymer), 2009sirolimus biodegradable polymersirolimus eluting stentNCT00598676).Risk of bias negative
Galiñanes, 2004TMRthoracic sympathectomyExploratory negative
AMIST (Reeves), 2004angioplastyMIDCABRisk of bias -
biolimus eluting stent
LEADERS, 2008biolimus eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentNCT00389220negative
Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery
Allen, 2000TMR+CABGCABG -
STICH (ventricular reconstruction), 2009CABG+surgical ventricular reconstructionCABGNCT00023595negative
Loubani, 2003TMR+CABGCABGExploratory -
Zhao, 2006TMR+CABGCABGExploratory -
MASS II, 2007CABGmedical treatmentnegative
VA, 1984CABGmedical treatmentsuggesting
ECSS (European), 1988CABGmedical treatmentsuggesting
CASS, 1983CABGmedical treatmentNCT00000489negative
Texas, 1977CABGmedical treatmentnegative
Oregon, 1979CABGmedical treatmentnegative
New zealand 1, 1981CABGmedical treatmentnegative
BARI 2D, 2009CABG or PCImedical treatmentNCT00006305Risk of bias negative
dactinomycin eluting stent
ACTION, 2004dactinomycin eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
drug-eluting stents
ISAR-CABG ongoing drug-eluting stentsbare-metal stentNCT00611910 ongoing
Boudriot, 2008DESCABGExploratory negative
Leipzig ongoing drug-eluting stentsCABGNCT00176397 ongoing
FREEDOM, 2012PCI with drug-eluting stentsCABGNCT00086450Risk of bias negative
Hong, 2005PCI withdrug-eluting stentsCABGRisk of bias -
VA CARDS ongoing PCI withdrug-eluting stentsCABGNCT00326196Risk of bias ongoing
everolimus eluting stent
FUTURE I, 2004everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentnegative
FUTURE II, 2006everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias -
SPIRIT I, 2005everolimus eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00180453Exploratory negative
SPIRIT II, 2006everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00180310Risk of bias negative
SPIRIT IV, 2010everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00307047Risk of bias suggesting
SPIRIT III, 2008everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00180479Exploratory suggesting
COMPARE, 2009everolimus eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT01016041Risk of bias suggesting
SORT OUT IV, 2012everolimus eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentNCT00552877Risk of bias -
ISAR-TEST 4 (EES vs SES)everolimus eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentsuggesting
LEFT-MAIN-2 ongoing everolimus eluting stentzotarolimus eluting stentNCT00598637 ongoing
TAXUS I, 2003paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias negative
TAXUS II, 2003paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00299026Low risk of bias suggesting
TAXUS IV, 2004paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00292474Low risk of bias suggesting
SCORE, 2004paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentsuggesting
TAXUS V (all patients), 2005paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00301522Low risk of bias suggesting
TAXUS VI, 2005paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00297804Low risk of bias suggesting
BASKET-SAVAGE ongoing paclitaxel eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00595647 ongoing
ASPECT, 2003paclitaxel, non-polymeric eluting stentbare-metal stentNCT00196079Low risk of bias suggesting
ELUTES, 2004paclitaxel, non-polymeric eluting stentbare-metal stentnegative
DELIVER, 2004paclitaxel, non-polymeric eluting stentbare-metal stentRisk of bias negative
PATENCY, 2002paclitaxel, non-polymeric eluting stentbare-metal stentLow risk of bias negative
SYNTAX, 2009paclitaxel eluting stentCABGNCT00114972Risk of bias suggesting
VELETI ongoing paclitaxel eluting stentmedical treatmentNCT00289835 ongoing
PEPCAD IV ongoing paclitaxel eluting balloonpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00462631 ongoing
PERSEUS Workhorse, 2010 ongoing paclitaxel eluting stentpaclitaxel eluting stentNCT00484315 ongoing
FRE-RACE ongoing paclitaxel eluting stentsirolimus eluting stentNCT00130546 ongoing
AVERT, 1995PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
COURAGE, 2007PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentNCT00007657Risk of bias suggesting
MASS II, 2007PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Dakik, 1998PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
ALKK, 2003PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentRisk of bias suggesting
Hambrecht, 2004PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
Bech, 2001PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentRisk of bias negative
TIME, 2001PCI with or without stentmedical treatmentRisk of bias -
FAME, 2008FFR-guided PCIno PCINCT00267774suggesting
DEFER, 2001FFR-guided PCIno PCInegative
AWESOME, 2001PCICABGRisk of bias -
RITA 2, 1997balloon angioplastymedical treatmentRisk of bias suggesting
ACME, 1992balloon angioplastymedical treatmentRisk of bias suggesting
Sievers, 1993balloon angioplastymedical treatmentRisk of bias negative