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angiotensin-receptor blockers

not classified
Suzuki, 2008     ARBscontrolRisk of bias negative -34%-40%
Ruilope, 2010   LCZ696placeboLow risk of bias -
IDNT (irbesartan vs amlodipine), 2001     irbesartanamlodipineLow risk of bias negative 3%38%
VALUE, 2004      NCTvalsartanamlodipineLow risk of bias suggesting 2%-1%
DETAIL, 2004     telmisartanenalaprilLow risk of bias negative8%63%
OSCAR, 2011      NCTolmesartan 40 mgolmesartan 20 mg plus a calcium-channel blockerRisk of bias negative
Takahashi, 2006     candesartancontrolExploratory negative-100%
E-COST, 2005     candesartanconventional treatmentRisk of bias suggesting-6%+Infini%
E-COST-R, 2005     candesartanconventional treatmentRisk of bias negative4%4%
HIJ-CREATE, 2009     candesartanconventional treatmentRisk of bias suggesting17%12%
SCOPE, 2003   candesartanplaceboLow risk of bias negative-3%-5%
TROPHY, 2006      NCTcandesartanplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting
CASE-J, 2008     candesartanamlodipineRisk of bias suggesting-15%
ALPINE, 2003   candesartanhydrochlorothiazideLow risk of bias suggesting
IDNT (irbesartan vs pbo), 2001       irbesartanplaceboLow risk of bias negative-8%11%
IRMA 2, 2001     irbesartanplaceboLow risk of bias negative13%
RENAAL, 2001     losartanplaceboLow risk of bias -
LIFE, 2002     losartanatenololLow risk of bias suggesting -11%-13%
ROADMAP, 2010        NCTolmesartanplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting 72%396%
ORIENT    NCTolmesartanplaceboLow risk of bias negative-4%236%
ONTARGET (association vs ramipril), 2008    NCTtelmisartan + ramiprilramiprilLow risk of bias negative 6%4%
ONTARGET (association vs telmisartan), 2008    NCTtelmisartan + ramipriltelmisartanLow risk of bias suggesting 8%4%
TRANSCEND, 2008    NCTtelmisartanplaceboLow risk of bias suggesting5%2%
PROPHESS, 2008      NCTtelmisartanplaceboLow risk of bias negative2%-15%
ONTARGET (telmisartan alone), 2008      NCTtelmisartanramiprilLow risk of bias suggesting -2%0%