EGFR inhibitors  

Cetuximab - Erlotinib - Gefitinib - Lapatinib - Osimertinib      

Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsNCTROB Result

lung cancer (metastatic)

ALEX, 2017alectinibcrizotinibNCT02075840Risk of bias conclusive
YO29449 ongoing alectinibcrizotinibNCT02838420 ongoing
MO29750 ongoing alectinibpremetrexed or docetaxelNCT02604342 ongoing
ALTA-1L ongoing brigatinibcrizotinibNCT02737501 ongoing
ASCEND-4, 2017ceritinibchemotherapyNCT01828099 -
CLDK378A2303 ongoing ceritinibpemetrexed or docetaxelNCT01828112 ongoing
Lynch, 2010cetuximabCTRisk of bias negative
Butts, 2007cetuximabCT alone -
FLEX (Pirker), 2009cetuximab + CTCT aloneNCT00148798suggesting
Rosell, 2008cetuximab + CTCT alone -
Shaw, 2013crizotinibchemotherapyNCT00932893Risk of bias suggesting
PROFILE 1014, 2014crizotinibchemotherapyNCT01154140Risk of bias suggesting
A8081029 ongoing crizotinibchemotherapyNCT01639001Risk of bias ongoing
E4512 ongoing crizotinibplaceboadjuvant NCT02201992Low risk of bias ongoing
OPTIMAL erlotinibPlatinum-based CT EGFR mutations NCT00874419Risk of bias suggesting
EUTRACerlotinibPlatinum-based CT 1st line EGFR mutations NCT00446225Risk of bias suggesting
TITANerlotinibPlatinum-based CT 2nd line NCT00556322Risk of bias negative
TRIBUTE (Herbst)erlotinib + Platinum-based CTPlatinum-based CT 1st line negative
Gatzemeier erlotinib + Platinum-based CTPlatinum-based CT 1st line negative
Mok erlotinib + Platinum-based CTPlatinum-based CT 1st line suggesting
SATURN (Cappuzzo)erlotinib + Platinum-based CTPlatinum-based CT maintenance therapy NCT00556712suggesting
Boutsikouerlotinib + Platinum-based CTPlatinum-based CT 1st line negative
Lee erlotinib + Platinum-based CTPlatinum-based CT 2nd line NCT00550173suggesting
Stinchcombeerlotinib + Platinum-based CTPlatinum-based CTnegative
FASTACT-2 (Wu) erlotinib + Platinum-based CTPlatinum-based CT 1st line NCT00883779suggesting
West Japangefitinib -
Northeast Japangefitinib -
CTONG0806 (Yang), 2013gefitinib -
NEJ002, 2013gefitinibcarboplatin-paclitaxel1L -
Maemondo, 2010gefitinibcarboplatin-paclitaxel2LUMIN-CTR C000000376 -
IPASS (Mok), 2009gefitinibcarboplatin-paclitaxel1LNCT00322452 -
IPASSgefitinibcarboplatin/paclitaxel1L -
WJTOG3405 (Mitsudomi), 2010gefitinibcisplatin plus docetaxel -
WJTOG0203 (Takeda), 2010gefitinibcontinued platinum-doublet chemotherapy -
ISTANA (Lee), 2010gefitinibdocetaxel2Lsuggesting
V-15-32 (Maruyama), 2008gefitinibdocetaxel2Lsuggesting
INTEREST (Kim), 2008gefitinibdocetaxel2Lnegative
SIGN (Cufer), 2006gefitinibdocetaxel2Lnegative
IFCT-0301 study (Morère), 2010gefitinibdocetaxel -
Kris, 2003gefitinibgefitinib2LLow risk of bias -
First Signalgefitinibgemcitabine and cisplatin1L -
INTACT 2, 2004gefitinib paclitaxel and carboplatinpaclitaxel and carboplatin1LLow risk of bias -
NCIC CTG BR19 (Goss), 2013gefitinibplaceboLow risk of bias -
INFORM; C-TONG 0804, 2012gefitinibplaceboNCT00770588 -
EORTC 08021/ILCP 01/03, 2011gefitinibplacebo2LNCT00091156 -
Goss, 2009gefitinibplacebo1L -
SWOG S0023 (Kelly), 2008gefitinibplacebo -
ISEL, 2006gefitinibplacebo2L -
Tsuboi, 2005gefitinibplacebo -
INTACT 1.gefitinib + gemcitabine/cisplatinplacebo + gemcitabine / cisplatin1LLow risk of bias -
INVITE (Crinò), 2008gefitinibvinorelbine1LNCT00256711 -
FLAURA, 2017osimertinibplacebo1LNCT02296125Low risk of bias suggesting
AURA 3, 2017osimertinibplatinum-based therapy plus pemetrexed 2LNCT02151981suggesting