immune checkpoint inhibition  

Atezolizumab - Avelumab - Durvalumab - Durvalumab + tremelimumab - Ipilimumab - Nivolumab - Pembrolizumab      

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Head and neck cancer

Hawk ongoing durvalumabstandard treatment2L PD-L1 positive 2nd line PD-L1 positive NCT02207530 ongoing
durvalumab + tremelimumab
Condor ongoing durvalumab +/- tremelimumabstandard treatment2L PD-L1 positive 2nd line PD-L1 positive NCT02319044 ongoing
Kestrel ongoing durvalumab +/- tremelimumabstandard treatment1L 1st line NCT02551159 ongoing
Eagle ongoing durvalumab +/- tremelimumabstandard treatment2L 2nd line NCT02369874 ongoing
Checkmate-141, 2016nivolumabstandard treatment2L 2nd line platinum failure NCT02105636Risk of bias conclusive
Checkmate-651 ongoing nivolumab + ipilumabstandard treatment1L 1st line NCT02741570 ongoing
KEYNOTE-048 ongoing pembrolizumabCetuximab + Platinum + 5FU1L 1st line NCT02358031 ongoing
KEYNOTE-040pembrolizumabstandard treatment2L 2nd line NCT02252042Risk of bias negative
Keynote 147 ongoing pembrolizumab +/- acalabrutinibstandard treatment>2L 2nd line 2nd+ line NCT02454179 ongoing

lung cancer (metastatic)

IMpower 150 ongoing atezolizumab + Paclitaxel + CarboplatinBevacizumab + Paclitaxel + Carboplatin1L 1st line nonsquamous NSCLC NCT02366143Risk of bias ongoing
POPLAR Phase 2 atezolizumab, 2016atezolizumabdocetaxel2L 2nd+ line platinum failure NCT01903993Risk of bias negative
OAK, 2016atezolizumabdocetaxel2L 2nd+ line platinum failure NCT02008227Risk of bias suggesting
GO29432 ongoing atezolizumabGemcitabine + (Cisplatin or Carboplatin)1L 1st line squamous NSCLC NCT02409355Risk of bias ongoing
IMpower 110 ongoing atezolizumabPemetrexed + (Carboplatin or Cisplatin)1L 1st line NCT02409342Risk of bias ongoing
JAVELIN Lung 200 ongoing avelumabdocetaxel2L, PDL1 positive 2nd+ line NCT02395172Risk of bias ongoing
JAVELIN Lung 100 ongoing avelumabplatinum-based doublet1L, PDL1 positive 1st line NCT02576574Risk of bias ongoing
CAURAL ongoing AZD9291 durvalumabAZD9291 Monotherapy2L after EGFR TKI, T790M positive 2nd+ line NCT02454933Risk of bias ongoing
PACIFIC, 2017durvalumabplacebomaintenance maintenance therapy NCT02125461Low risk of bias conclusive
NCT02273375 ongoing durvalumabplaceboadjuvantNCT02273375Low risk of bias ongoing
ARCTIC ongoing durvalumabStandard of Care>2L, PDL1 positive 2nd+ line PD-L1 positive NCT02352948Risk of bias ongoing
MYSTIC (monotherapy) ongoing durvalumabStandard of Care1L 1st line NCT02453282Risk of bias ongoing
NEPTUNE ongoing durvalumab (MEDI4736) tremelimumabStandard of Care1L 1st line NCT02542293Risk of bias ongoing
MYSTIC ongoing durvalumab +tremelimumabStandard of Care1L 1st line NCT02453282Risk of bias ongoing
Reck, 2016ipilimumab + chemotherapyplacebo + chemotherapySCLCNCT01450761Low risk of bias -
Govindan, 2017ipilimumab + chemotherapyplacebo + chemotherapy1LNCT01285609Low risk of bias negative
phase 2 (phased ipilimumab), 2012ipilimumab + chemotherapyplacebo + chemotherapyLow risk of bias -
CheckMate 057, 2015nivolumabdocetaxel2L, non squamous 2nd+ line nonsquamous NSCLC NCT01673867Risk of bias suggesting
CheckMate 017, 2015nivolumabdocetaxel2L, squamous 2nd+ line squamous NSCLC NCT01642004Risk of bias suggesting
CheckMate 153 ongoing nivolumab for 1 yearnivolumab2L 2nd+ line NCT02066636Risk of bias ongoing
CheckMate 227 (nivolumab alone) ongoing nivolumabplatinum doublet chemotherapy1L 1st line Risk of bias ongoing
CheckMate 227 ongoing nivolumab + ipilimumabplatinum doublet chemotherapy1L 1st line NCT02477826Risk of bias ongoing
CheckMate 026, 2016nivolumabStandard of Care1L, PDL1 positive 1st line PD-L1 positive NCT02041533Risk of bias negative
KEYNOTE-021pembrolizumab + CTCT1L 1st line NCT02039674Exploratory suggesting
Keynote 010 10mg, 2015pembrolizumab 10mgdocetaxel2L, PD-L1 positive 2nd+ line NCT01905657Risk of bias suggesting
Keynote 010 2mg, 2015pembrolizumab 2mgdocetaxel2L, PD-L1 positive 2nd+ line NCT01905657Risk of bias suggesting
Keynote 024, 2015pembrolizumabStandard of Care1L, PDL1 positive 1st line PD-L1 positive NCT02142738Risk of bias suggesting
Keynote 042 ongoing pembrolizumabStandard of Care1L, PDL1 positive 1st line PD-L1 positive NCT02220894Risk of bias ongoing


Robert (Ipilimumab), 2011ipilimumab 10mg/kg plus dacarbazinedacarbazine1L 1st line NCT00324155Low risk of bias conclusive
Hodi (ipi + gp100), 2010ipi + gp100gp1002L 2nd line NCT00094653Risk of bias -
Hodi (ipi alone), 2010ipilimumab 3 mg/kggp1002L 2nd line NCT00094653Risk of bias -
EORTC 18071, 2015ipilimumabplaceboadjuvant adjuvant NCT00636168Low risk of bias suggesting
CheckMate 037 (Weber), 2015nivolumabchemotherapy2L 2nd line NCT01721746Risk of bias suggesting
CheckMate 066 (Robert), 2015nivolumabdacarbazine1L 1st line NCT01721772Low risk of bias conclusive
CheckMate 238, 2017nivolumabipilimumabadjuvant adjuvant NCT02388906Low risk of bias conclusive
CheckMate 067 (nivo vs ipi), 2015nivolumabipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01844505Low risk of bias conclusive
CheckMate 067 (nivo + ipi vs ipi), 2015nivolumab + ipilimumabipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01844505Low risk of bias conclusive
Postow, 2015nivolumab + ipilimumabipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01927419Exploratory -
CheckMate 067 (nivo + ipi vs nivo), 2015nivolumab + ipilimumabnivolumab1L 1st line NCT01844505Exploratory -
KEYNOTE 002 (10mg/kg Q3W), 2015pembrolizumab 10mg/kgchemotherapy2L 2nd line NCT01704287Exploratory suggesting
KEYNOTE 002 (2mg/kg Q3W), 2015pembrolizumab 2mg/kgchemotherapy2L 2nd line NCT01704287Exploratory suggesting
KEYNOTE-006 (every 2W), 2015pembrolizumab (every 2W)ipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01866319Risk of bias suggesting
KEYNOTE-006 (every 3W), 2015pembrolizumab (every 3W)ipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01866319Risk of bias suggesting
KEYNOTE-001, 2014pembrolizumab 2mg/kgpembrolizumab 10mg/kg2L 2nd line NCT01295827Exploratory negative
KEYNOTE-054 ongoing pembrolizumabplaceboadjuvant adjuvant NCT02362594Low risk of bias ongoing

multiple myeloma

CheckMate 602 ongoing Nivolumab, Elotuzumab, Pomalidomide, dexaMNCT02726581Risk of bias ongoing
KEYNOTE-183 ongoing pembrolizumabrrMMNCT02576977Risk of bias ongoing
KEYNOTE-185 ongoing pembrolizumab, lenalidomide, dexametahsonelenalidomide, dexamethasonenot eligible for ASCTNCT02579863Risk of bias ongoing

renal-cell carcinoma (advanced)

NCT02420821 ongoing atezolizumab + bevacizumab1LNCT02420821Risk of bias ongoing
JAVELIN Renal 101 ongoing avelumab + axitinibsunitinib1L, PDL1 positiveNCT02684006Risk of bias ongoing
Chekmate 025 (Motzer), 2015nivolumabeverolimus2LNCT01668784Risk of bias suggesting
CheckMate-214, 2017nivolumab + ipilimumabsunitinib1LNCT02231749Risk of bias suggesting
KEYNOTE-426 ongoing pembrolizumab + axitinibsunitinibNCT02853331 ongoing

urothelial carcinoma (advanced)

IMvigor211 (IC2/3)atezolizumabchemotherapy2nd line, IC2/3 2nd line NCT02302807Risk of bias negative
IMvigor130 (monotherapy) ongoing atezolizumabcontrolfirst line 1st line NCT02807636Risk of bias ongoing
IMvigor010 ongoing atezolizumabcontroladjuvant adjuvant NCT02450331Risk of bias ongoing
IMvigor210 single-armatezolizumabnil1st and 2nd line 1st line 2nd line NCT02951767Exploratory -
JAVELIN Bladder 100 ongoing avelumabcontrolNCT02603432Risk of bias ongoing
DANUBE ongoing durvalumab + tremelimumabchemotherapyfirst lineNCT02516241Low risk of bias ongoing
durvalumab phase 1/2 single-armdurvalumabnil2nd line 2nd line Exploratory -
CHECKMATE 901A ongoing nivolumab + chemotherapychemotherapyfirst line 1st line NCT03036098Risk of bias ongoing
Checkmate 275 single-armnivolumabnil2nd line 2nd line NCT02387996Exploratory -
CheckMate 274 ongoing nivolumabplacebofirst line adjuvant NCT02632409Low risk of bias ongoing
CHECKMATE 274A ongoing nivolumabplaceboadjuvant adjuvant NCT02632409Low risk of bias ongoing
KEYNOTE-045, 2017pembrolizumabchemotherapy2nd line 2nd line NCT02256436Risk of bias suggesting