Head and neck cancer


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial resultdeath (overall survival) complete response to induction CT

immune checkpoint inhibition

Checkmate-141, 2016      NCTnivolumabstandard treatment2L 2nd line platinum failure Risk of bias conclusive-30%
KEYNOTE-040    NCTpembrolizumabstandard treatment2L 2nd line Risk of bias suggesting-19%

Induction chemotherapy

not classified
Richard (IGR-65), 1974   CT with methotrexateno induction chemotherapynegative
Fazekas (RTOG 6801), 1980   CT with methotrexateno induction chemotherapynegative-1%
Toohill (MCW-2), 1987   PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Lewin (SHNG-85), 1997   PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Paccagnella (GSTTC-86 ), 1994     PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Domenge (GETTEC neo1), 1995     PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Domenge (GETTEC), 2000     PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Dalley (AHNTG), 1995   PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Tejedor (Las Palmas), 1992   PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Gedouin (Rennes-87), 1996   PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Di Blasio (Parma), 1994   PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Depondt (CFHNS), 1993   PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Volling (Cologne), 1994     PFno induction chemotherapynegative
Hasegawa (HNAP-02), 1996   PFno induction chemotherapy -
BNH 003     PFno induction chemotherapynegative
RTOG 91-11 (I+RT vs RT alone), 2003     PFno induction chemotherapysuggesting-8%
Hareyama, 2002     PFno induction chemotherapy -
Licitra, 2003      NCTPFno induction chemotherapynegative
EORTC 24844     PFno induction chemotherapynegative
HNCP, 1987     polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative1%
Schuller (SWOG 8006), 1988   polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative7%
Szpirglas (Pitié-81 ), 1988   polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative-8%
Carugati (Buenos Aires ), 1988   polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative-11%
Mazeron (Créteil-82), 1992     polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative46%
Brunin (HNCGIC02), 1989   polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative13%
Salvajoli (AC Camargo), 1992   polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative4%
Jaulerry Trial 2 (Curie)(HNCGIC03), 1992     polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative9%
Maipang (Songkla), 1995   polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative7%
Kohno, 2000     polyCT with platinno induction chemotherapynegative
Jortay (EORTC 24771), 1990   polyCT without platinno induction chemotherapynegative8%
Richard (EORTC 78-OCP), 1991   polyCT without platinno induction chemotherapynegative-27%
Holoye (MCW-1), 1985     polyCT without platinno induction chemotherapynegative48%
Chauvergne, 1988   polyCT with platincisplatinnegative95%
De Andres, 1995   carboplatin, 5FUPFnegative-26%
Clark (Dana farber cancer Institute 83-084), 1988     PBMPFnegative-19%
Fonseca, 2005     TPPFnegative17%58%
EORTC 24971 (TAX 323), 2006        NCTTPFPFsuggesting -27%28%
Posner (TAX324), 2007      NCTTPFPFsuggesting -30%10%
GORTEC 2000-01      NCTTPFPFsuggesting -9%45%
TAX324 (Larynx preservation subset), 2007    NCTTPFPF -
Prévost, 2005     VP16 based CTPFnegative -69%
Fonseca, 1997     PF with leucovorinPF without leucovorinnegative-26%
GETTEC, 1998     induction PFsurgerysuggesting 154%
Veterans Affairs, 1998     induction PFsurgerysuggesting16%
EORTC 24891, 1996       induction PFsurgerysuggesting-12%
Hitt paclitaxel, 2005     paclitaxel based CTPFsuggesting-15%147%