early breast cancer


Trial Studied trt Control trt patientstagsROB Trial result

HER2 inhibitors

Aphinity    NCTpertuzumabplaceboLow risk of bias -
NSABP B31, 2005   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
BCIRG006, 2013   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
Buzdar, 2005   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
FinHer, 2006   trastuzumabcontrolnegative
HERA, 2005   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
N9831, 2005   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
NOAH, 2010   trastuzumabcontrolnegative
PACS-04, 2009   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
N9831 (1)   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
N9831 (2)   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
FinHer (1)   trastuzumabcontrolnegative

monoclonal antibody

not classified
HERA (BIG 01-01) 2-years, 2005    NCTtrastuzumab -
HERA (BIG 01-01) 1-year, 2005    NCTtrastuzumabcontrolRisk of bias suggesting
NCCTG N9831(C vs A)   trastuzumabcontrolsuggesting
NSABP B-31   trastuzumab during chemotherapycontrolsuggesting