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All mechanism

not classified
114267 ongoing GSK1120212Chemotherapy NCT01245062 ongoing
Long, 2014trametinib and dabrafenib dabrafenibNCT01584648 -
Flaherty, 2012trametinib and dabrafenib dabrafenib NCT01072175 -
115306 A EFFACER DOUBLONS ongoing trametinib and dabrafenib Dabrafenib monotherapy NCT01584648 ongoing
CMEK162A2301 ongoing MEK162 binimetinibDacarbazine NCT01763164 ongoing
SUMIT ongoing selumetinib + dacarbazinedacarbazine aloneNCT01974752 ongoing
COLUMBUS ongoing LGX818 + MEK162 LGX818 NCT01909453 ongoing
COMBI-AD ongoing Dabrafenib and trametinib placeboNCT01682083 ongoing
COMBI-v, 2015dabrafenib plus trametinib vemurafenib NCT01597908 -
GO28141 ongoing cobimetinib + vemurafenib vemurafenib alone NCT01689519 ongoing

B-Raf enzyme inhibitors

not classified
COLUMBUS ongoing MEK162 binimetinib + LGX818LGX818NCT01909453 ongoing
COLUMBUS ongoing LGX818 encorafenibvemurafenibNCT01909453 ongoing
combo dabrafenib + trametinib
COMBIE-ddabrafenib + trametinibdabrafenibNCT01584648 -
COMBI-Ddabrafenib and trametinibdabrafenib monotherapyNCT01584648 -
COMBI-AD ongoing dabrafenib and trametinibplaceboNCT01682083 ongoing
COMBI-v ongoing dabrafenib and trametinibvemurafenibNCT01597908 ongoing
NCI-2012-02978 ongoing paclitaxel, carboplatin, sorafenib tosylatecarboplatin, paclitaxelNCT00110019 ongoing
11718 ongoing Sorafenib and CarboplatinCarboplatin/PaclitaxelNCT00111007 ongoing
GO27826 ongoing vemurafenibplaceboNCT01667419 ongoing


not classified
Ahmann, 1972 -
Carter, 1976 -
Constanza, 1977 -
Hill, 1979 -
O'Day, 2009 -
Falkson, 1998dacarbazine monotherapy -
Kongoniia, 1981dacarbazine monotherapy -
Luikart, 1984dacarbazine monotherapy -
Middleton, 2000dacarbazine monotherapy -
Moon, 1975dacarbazine monotherapy -
Kefford, 2010Bosentan + dacarbazine -
Gough, 1978C. parvum -
Keilholz, 1997cisplatin -
Cui, 2013endostatin +dacarbazine -
Lopez, 1984epirubicin -
O'Day, 2011Intetumumab -
Bedikian, 2006oblimersen -
Bedikian, 2006Oblimersen + dacarbazine -
Agawarla, 1999tamoxifen -
Rusthoven, 1996tamoxifen -
Patel, 2011Temozolomide -
Mornex, 2003whole brain irradiation -
Glover, 2003WR-2721 -
Eton, 2002biochemotherapychemotherapy -
Chiarion, 2001dacarbazine, carmustine, cisplatin and tamoxifendacarbazine -
Ringborg, 1989dacarbazine-vindesineDacarbazine -
Luikart, 1984vinblastine, bleomycin,cisplatinumdacarbazine -
Robert, 2013Selumetinib +dacarbazineplacebo plus dacarbazine -
Hersh, 2012Nab-paclitaxel -
Zimpfer, 2003carboplatin + paclitaxelpaclitaxel -

immune checkpoint inhibition

Robert (Ipilimumab), 2011ipilimumab 10mg/kg plus dacarbazinedacarbazine1L 1st line NCT00324155Low risk of bias conclusive
Hodi (ipi + gp100), 2010ipi + gp100gp1002L 2nd line NCT00094653Risk of bias -
Hodi (ipi alone), 2010ipilimumab 3 mg/kggp1002L 2nd line NCT00094653Risk of bias -
EORTC 18071, 2015ipilimumabplaceboadjuvant adjuvant NCT00636168Low risk of bias suggesting
CheckMate 037 (Weber), 2015nivolumabchemotherapy2L 2nd line NCT01721746Risk of bias suggesting
CheckMate 066 (Robert), 2015nivolumabdacarbazine1L 1st line NCT01721772Low risk of bias conclusive
CheckMate 238, 2017nivolumabipilimumabadjuvant adjuvant NCT02388906Low risk of bias conclusive
CheckMate 067 (nivo vs ipi), 2015nivolumabipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01844505Low risk of bias conclusive
CheckMate 067 (nivo + ipi vs ipi), 2015nivolumab + ipilimumabipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01844505Low risk of bias conclusive
Postow, 2015nivolumab + ipilimumabipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01927419Exploratory -
CheckMate 067 (nivo + ipi vs nivo), 2015nivolumab + ipilimumabnivolumab1L 1st line NCT01844505Exploratory -
KEYNOTE 002 (10mg/kg Q3W), 2015pembrolizumab 10mg/kgchemotherapy2L 2nd line NCT01704287Exploratory suggesting
KEYNOTE 002 (2mg/kg Q3W), 2015pembrolizumab 2mg/kgchemotherapy2L 2nd line NCT01704287Exploratory suggesting
KEYNOTE-006 (every 2W), 2015pembrolizumab (every 2W)ipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01866319Risk of bias suggesting
KEYNOTE-006 (every 3W), 2015pembrolizumab (every 3W)ipilimumab1L 1st line NCT01866319Risk of bias suggesting
KEYNOTE-001, 2014pembrolizumab 2mg/kgpembrolizumab 10mg/kg2L 2nd line NCT01295827Exploratory negative
KEYNOTE-054 ongoing pembrolizumabplaceboadjuvant adjuvant NCT02362594Low risk of bias ongoing