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The database is still in developpment and we are adding new information every day.
Although many trials are already available, not all relevant trials are available at this time.

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TrialResults-center is an innovative knowledge database that collects the results of randomized clinical trials and provides dynamic interactive systematic reviews and meta-analysis in cardiology.    Learn more about TrialResults-center's methods...


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Most popular topics

1.  coronary artery disease - Drug eluting stent - all type of patients

2.  atrial fibrillation - antithrombotics - primary prevention of thromboembolic events

3.  hypertension - anti hypertensive agent - all type of patient

4.  cardiovascular prevention - cholesterol lowering intervention - all chronical situations

5.  atrial fibrillation - direct oral anticoagulant (DAO) - all type of patients


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