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A randomised clinical trial investigating the effect of versus in


NCT00981058    Lancet Oncol 2015;16:763-74  

Studied treatment
Control treatment

Group sizes-9 / -9

Blindness Inclusion period
Follow-up duration Centers
Lost to FU geographical localisation
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EndpointX1N1X0N0TE95% CI0,22,01,0

Thatcher N, Hirsch FR, Luft AV, Szczesna A, Ciuleanu TE, Dediu M, Ramlau R, Galiulin RK, Bálint B, Losonczy G, Kazarnowicz A, Park K, Schumann C, Reck Necitumumab plus gemcitabine and cisplatin versus gemcitabine and cisplatin alone as first-line therapy in patients with stage IV squamous non-small-cell lung cancer (SQUIRE): an open-label, randomised, controlled phase 3 trial. Lancet Oncol 2015;16:763-74     [PMID: 26045340]   link to pdf   add to Mendeley  


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