Catheter-DCM, 2014 trial summary    PDF trial summary

A randomised clinical trial investigating the effect of ixmyelocel-T versus control in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy


NCT01020968    Circ Res 2014;115:730-7  

Studied treatment ixmyelocel-T: an expanded, autologous multi-cellular therapy
Ixmyelocel-T (Formerly Catheter-based Cardiac Repair Cell [CRC]) administered via catheter
Control treatment

Patients patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
Group sizes-9 / -9

Blindness Inclusion period
Follow-up duration Centers
Lost to FU geographical localisation
Primary endpoint Design

EndpointX1N1X0N0TE95% CI all-cause mortality - -9 - -9 no data NYHA deterioration - -9 - -9 no data acute heart failure - -9 - -9 no data cardiac event - -9 - -9 no data ventricular tachycardia - -9 - -9 no data0,22,01,0

Henry TD, Traverse JH, Hammon BL, East CA, Bruckner B, Remmers AE, Recker D, Bull DA, Patel AN Safety and efficacy of ixmyelocel-T: an expanded, autologous multi-cellular therapy, in dilated cardiomyopathy. Circ Res 2014;115:730-7     [PMID: 25142002]   link to pdf   add to Mendeley record NCT01020968

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